Architecture Leads: 4 Proven Strategies We Use (To Dominate)

In the past, architects have relied on networking and referrals to obtain leads, but in today's ever-changing digital world is it time to embrace new strategies when it comes to lead generation? Here are 4 proven strategies we use to help our clients get more architecture leads and maximum results from online lead generation, helping them dominate their local area.

A Great Website

All leads are not equal, some are ready to buy your services today however, the majority of potential customers hiring an architect will perform significant research before going ahead. Therefore, your website has 2 distinct roles. Encouraging those who are ready to purchase your services to get in touch, also, building relationships, promoting yourself as an authority in your niche and enhancing your credibility for those doing in-depth research before hiring a local architect.

Hometrade are specialists in building top-notch websites for architects that perform both these functions to the max and are also mobile device friendly (An important factor, as more searches are conducted this way than ever before) This results in increased lead generation and more local business.

Landing Pages

Your architect's website is the hub of your online marketing strategy; it should be the primary conversion tool and all other online marketing platforms should direct the flow of traffic in its direction.

Landing pages are especially useful for this as not every user is looking for the same information and can become frustrated if they must look too hard to find it. Landing pages direct the user to a specific area of your site relevant to their search.

We have created 100's of landing pages for local architects throughout the UK which allow your architectural company to target your audience, drive traffic to your website, and increase leads by offering them something of value in exchange for providing personal information. The more landing pages you have the better as it will offer more opportunities to convert visitors into leads.

Lead Magnets

As mentioned earlier to gain more business architects must be seen as an authority in the industry and lead magnets are a fantastic way to do this along with their capacity to generate leads and increase conversion rates.

Quite simply, a bit like landing pages, lead magnets offer something of value in exchange for some personal information and can really help build your credibility. For instance, perhaps you could offer a free consultation, the top ten eco-friendly building materials, a guide to the planning process. All these things offer useful information to the user, while building relationships, trust and an increase in quality leads.

Call to Action buttons

The importance of CTA buttons cannot be emphasized enough without them conversion rate will inevitably suffer. Having numerous effective call to action buttons throughout your architect's website, that are clear concise and well located can have a dramatic effect on the amount of leads and conversions your business achieves.

Because we specialise in online marketing solutions for architectural firms you can rest assured potential customers will be able to get in touch immediately resulting in an increase in local business.


Search engine optimsation is the key ingredient of any high-performing website. It's what gets you found above the competition in a highly competitive market-place. We understand that most architects are busy people who do not have the time or usually, the necessary computer skills to maximise the potential of local SEO.

That's where we can help. Hometrade only work with one architect in any area so can concentrate our efforts on getting you to the top of the rankings locally, ensuring you dominate that area. Did you realise that every component of your online marketing can be optimised? Combined this can make a massive difference to your lead generation and conversion rates.

Local Branding

Local Branding is an important part of any professional online marketing services for architects. You know the local environment, planning regulations, so it stands to reason most of your projects will be local. A powerful brand tells your story; it differentiates you from the competition and is instantly recognisable.

Your logo, interactions, accreditations and case studies can be incorporated into all aspects of your online presence and will enhance your reputation increasing your rankings and making you the number #1 choice for architects in your area.

Images and Photos

An architect's work is by nature, visual and a picture can tell a potential client what you do at a glance so it is important to get this aspect of your marketing correct. Images are shared more frequently on social media and studies have shown that content with relevant images gets almost double the views. However, many architects neglect this area of their marketing strategy.

We have helped architects throughout the UK manage, optimise and organise their visual assets across all online platforms giving them the edge over their competition and resulting in higher lead generation.


Being involved in the local community online enhances your brand. Not only does it give your architects firm the ability to build and cement relationships with local businesses (It's the modern way of networking) It gets you noticed. There are local groups and forums all over the web and you don't need to be constantly pushing your services either. Having your logo visible, engaging with people, sharing local news and events is enough to to help build your brand locally.

Engage & Reply

Through history architects have gained work through client referrals and although things have changed slightly since Sir Christopher Wren designed St Pauls Cathedral, word of mouth is just as important as ever. Having positive customer reviews across your internet presence, the ability for customers to leave feedback, answering queries and solving any problems in a timely manner all helps not only with lead generation but also impresses Google who are more likely to direct local users to your website/pages.


Hiring an architect is not something taken lightly, an expert designing and managing a build is an expensive venture and potential clients want someone whom they can trust. That's why descriptions are an important part of your online marketing services for architects. Having photos of your staff with bios, gives your site a personal touch. Descriptions of your history, your processes, the clients you have worked with, accreditations and membership of associations should all feature. This builds trust and will lead to more leads and higher conversions.

PPC Advertising

The architectural sector is massively competitive and it's easy to get lost, especially if you don't have a huge marketing budget or the computer knowledge to enable you to be found on that all-important 1st page of Google. If you aren't in the top few results, it's all for nothing.

While organic SEO is the best and most cost-effective way of achieving a #1 ranking it does take time. Therefore, it makes sense to combine both methods as PPC can have you at the top within hours. However, if pay per click is not managed correctly it can work out expensive.

Hiring a professional to manage your architect's PPC campaign is essential to make sure it is successful and you appear in front of your target audience, which will increase leads and result in a higher conversion rate.

We have helped dozens of architects throughout the UK grow their business. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and let us help you get more architecture leads and maximise your architectural firm's potential.


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