Expert (PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising for Architects

Your customers are using the internet to search for architecture and local architects more than ever. If they do not find your architect company in the results you are forcing them to contact your competitors. PPC or pay per click advertising gets you found and places you above the competition. Fast!

We look at why PPC for architects can make a huge difference to your business;

Pay per click advertising is a method by which search engines allow companies to bid on words or phrases relevant to their business, which will see them feature at the top of the results. After all, studies have shown that 93% of users only look at the first page, languishing on page 3 or 4 will produce few if any results.

With more than 700,000 companies competing in the pay per click arena, how can you compete effectively?  Is it worth paying to attract customers to your architect's website?

It's complicated! leaving your receptionist or office manager to sort out your pay per click advertising is a big mistake. They do not have the skillset, knowledge or expertise to truly maximise the potential of this lucrative marketing tool. Mismanaged PPC can very quickly become an expensive mistake. Hiring a professional pay per click expert who specialises in architects can provide a cost-effective solution and even though you are paying to attract visitors it can produce a solid ROI.

"But" I hear you ask "Surely the firm that pays the most money for a particular search term wins the auction, so how can I compete?" Not true. Google looks at various other factors to decide which ad to show which, when combined, produce something called a "Quality Score" that means a low bid by an architect with a high "quality score" is more likely to have the advert shown.

So how do Google work out your "quality score?"

Click Through Rate

The most important factor in your "quality score is the CTR, translated this is the amount of clicks your ad receives divided by amount of times it is seen. Here's the thing though, it isn't just your most recent ad they look at. Every single time you pay for a campaign your history of click throughs is taken into consideration. One or two badly managed PPC campaigns can negatively influence your overall "quality score" which is way hiring an expert in pay per click for architects makes a lot of sense.

Landing Pages

Another important factor in defining your "quality score" is the landing page you produce for your campaign. Google want to provide their user with the best search experience and look for certain indicators that your ad will help them do that.


A successful landing page needs to be relevant to what the user is looking for that is why it is best practice to have numerous landing pages for every area of your business. Focusing on the specific and not the general is definitely, the way to go here. Promoting yourself as a jack of all trades is not what Google are looking for and it will be unlikely your ad will be chosen.


Trust is essential for your customers and Google like transparency too. Be honest about how you use any personal information they provide, how you use cookies, and what exactly you can offer them. Do not make promises you can't keep and keep it simple. Having customer testimonials is a great way to give the potential client confidence in your ability to provide the service offered.

Easy to Navigate

Your page must be easy to navigate otherwise users will leave in favour of your rivals. It needs to load quickly preferably in under 2 seconds and once loaded easy to understand and use. CTA buttons must stand out and enable the user to get in touch easily or receive the information they need. They also need to be optimised for handheld devices as they are becoming the preferred method for searches. It takes skill to make simplicity looks effortless and we have designed landing pages for architects that produce fantastic results.


Your business is by virtue, original and unique so why would you use templates or have landing pages that are similar to others in the architecture niche. A little bit of creativity goes a long way, making you stand out from the competition and getting you noticed for all the right reasons. Because we specialise in architects we know all the tricks of the trade to make your landing pages reflect your unique perspective.


It takes someone who knows what they are doing to minimise costs for a PPC or AdWords campaign. Poorly managed campaigns can see costs rise quickly for little or no return, a factor which puts a lot architects off incorporating pay per click into their professional online marketing strategy. There are ways of reducing spend by paying for local, niche or longer search terms and because we are experts in PPC for architectural companies we utilise these methods to produce campaigns that produce great ROI for minimal cost.

8 Reasons You Should Try Pay Per Click Advertising

1. You set your budget

2. It can produce really quick results (If you get it right)

3. Targets the consumer at the right time, right place

4. Can improve other online marketing by showing what keywords work

5. You only pay when someone clicks

6. Helps with Branding

7. Drives traffic to your website

8. Can provide a fantastic ROI

Pay per click's biggest strength is speed, it can get you found right at the top of Google within hours, meaning you receive the lion's share of leads and business. It can however be a daunting task for those without the expertise to maximise its potential.

This really is, one form of marketing best left to the professionals. Done correctly pay per click can increase traffic to your website and generate more leads. It doesn't have to cost a fortune and can make a real difference to your business. Why not give us a call to see how we can make PPC for architects work for you?


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