Professional Social Media For Architects

Over the last few years' social media has changed the way we communicate. It might seem frivolous and not professional for an architect to utilise this channel as part of their online marketing strategy and many neglect to do so. Big mistake! Any professional online marketing for architects should include social media advertising - Read on to find out why?

Social media is the biggest marketing platform in the world. It has lots of benefits and should be taken seriously in any online marketing efforts. Here at Hometrade we combine professional social media advertising with expert SEO for architects to achieve the best results for their business.

So, why should you consider social media advertising for architects? Firstly, in a highly competitive sector your competition probably have some form of social media marketing in place already and in today's digital world it doesn't do to get left behind. Here are just some of the ways social media can help your business grow.

10 reasons Social Media advertising is an essential marketing tool for architects

1. Its Free

What can you get, in this day and age, that costs nothing? I know, not much and yes I know Facebook and LinkedIn ads cost money and to have your social media advertising managed correctly it's best practice to hire a professional but with all the benefits this method of marketing offers, it really is, worth it. But here's the thing, having your logo, contact details and engaging with potential customers in its simplest form across all the social media channels doesn't cost a bean and can make a big difference to your architects' firm.

2. Builds Relationships

Networking has always been key to obtaining new projects for architects and the internet offers countless opportunities to build relationships. LinkedIn for example has thousands of professionals and industry groups. Twitter holds community hours and enables you to search for relevant news within your sector where you can link with relevant businesses, developers, council planners etc. Local connections are vital to new business for architects and social media offers the opportunity to connect with creative people who share interests.

3. Drives Traffic to your website

The most important purpose of social media advertising for architects is driving traffic to your website and this is where it comes into its own. An interesting blog post, article, photo gallery with links back to you site will encourage visitors to your site as will a feedback system. Connect and engage with your followers give them useful information. Pinterest and Instagram work great for images of your work and things like most beautifully designed buildings in ....... We have worked with dozens of architects producing measurable results for social media advertising.

4. Improves SEO

So how does social media affect your SEO? It is not how many followers you have or how many tweets you post. The most effective way social media advertising for architects can help your SEO efforts is by links and those links sharing your content. Simply put creating quality content that users want to share or sharing other content from relevant content creators will help to improve your rankings. Think of Google as the most popular girl in school. you like her, but she ignores you. The best way to attract her attention is by getting everyone around her to like you, which will result in her noticing you in a positive manner.

5. Users have opted-in

Outbound marketing has never worked for architects as well as it does for some businesses. Along with being expensive, as mentioned earlier, potential clients usually do extensive research before deciding on whom they hire to design a property whether it is commercial or residential. Anyone who opts-in to your social media channels has an interest in your sector and you can take advantage of this by posting engaging interesting posts. By sharing news, developments, articles and images users do not recognise as traditional advertising you build relationships that promote your architectural firm's credibility and can lead to future contracts.

6. Extremely Targeted

One of the best things about social media for architects is that it is extremely targeted. You can narrow your connections to make sure you appear in front of your desired target audience. Facebook ads can work extremely well for architects but the best by far are LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn often gets overlooked by marketers but because we have managed dozens of social media campaigns for architects we understand it's importance.

Yes, Twitter and Facebook allow you to target people by locality, industry or demographics but with LinkedIn you can target by employer or job title. With its advanced in-depth options, no other platform offers the opportunity for your architectural firm to be placed in front of exactly who you want like this

7. Customer Service

Even though your architect's business might be embracing the ever-changing digital world one aspect remains as important as it always has and that is recommendations. Without them your business would not grow. Social media offers the opportunity for customers to leave feedback and reviews and for you to engage and respond to any queries or problems, improving your online customer service will not only gain you more work but having 5 star reviews across your web presence will also help with local rankings.

8. Everyone is equal

In traditional advertising the big boys win, they can afford large double-page spreads in industry magazines and have the budget to promote themselves at events. Social media gives you the chance to compete on a level playing field. Our experience with architects, just like you, has shown with a little ingenuity, expertise, understanding your target market and producing quality content you have the same chance of achieving measurable results as the bigger firms. Fact!

9. It will find you customers

Social media advertising, if utilised correctly is guaranteed to find you customers you never knew existed. By identifying your target audience, establishing its size and engaging with your followers and contacts you are placing your architects firm in the best possible position to receive new enquiries and maximise your business's potential.

We understand that architects are busy people and that a comprehensive online marketing strategy might be rather daunting. However, most of your competition will have something in place and it is a serious mistake to dismiss social media, as it can form an important part of any online marketing services for architects.

Social media can unlock massive potential for a local architect. Because we have managed social media campaigns for architects we know exactly what is required to get the best results from this platform.


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