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Well-designed websites for architects are an absolute must for any firm wanting to be successful online. After all your business is about design and your architects website should reflect just how good you are at you job. Let's take a look at what features are important to an architect's website and how having one can give your architectural company a massive boost.

If your architecture firm website design is poorly optimised then you are certainly losing money. Don't worry, you don' need to learn HTML or how to format and code your own website. What you do require is an idea of what you want your website to offer, potential customers and your target market which can be related to the professionals you hire to maintain it.

We have worked with hundreds of architects throughout the UK and know how to design an eye-catching, website that produces measurable results. We understand your niche and can transfer this knowledge, producing the best architecture firm websites that achieve #1 ranking in search results for your local area whilst looking great.

A successful architects' website should:

Load quickly

A good architects website should load quickly. Did you know that almost 50% of people searching for something on the internet will abandon a website if it doesn't load with 2 or 3 seconds? Your website can look amazing, it can be full of bells and whistles and cutting edge design but if it doesn't load quickly it will all be for nothing because no-one will see it and you will have wasted your time and money.

Look Professional

The singular most important factor of an architect's website is that it reflects your professionalism. If your website is sloppily put together, full of mistakes and difficult to use it will have a negative impact on your reputation and business. That is why hiring a professional to build and maintain your website is a cost-effective solution.

There are other companies vying for your business but you need an online marketing professional who is experienced in your sector. We know you need a cutting-edge website that is found at the top of the search engine results for your local area and we deliver the best architect's websites!

Be Device Friendly

Architects websites that were built more than a couple of years ago were not formatted to be mobile device friendly. Do not assume that your potential customers are searching for your services on a traditional PC or laptop. Handheld devices are becoming the preferred method of searching for products and services.

All our websites for architects are mobile friendly which means they adjust to smaller size screens, there are touch screen buttons and the site is easy to navigate on a phone or tablet. Since last year Google has also given preference to mobile optimised sites in their search rankings making it an essential component of your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimised)

SEO or search engine optimisation is not cramming your content with keywords. In order for it to be successful, there has to be a strategy behind it and that strategy relies on a combination of quality content and social media. You will undoubtedly have had companies calling to promise you the ultimate, that coveted #1 ranking on google with increased traffic and conversions. It feels good to be sitting at the top of the pile, doesn't it?

The thing is; the work is not nearly done. Your site must offer the user what they want, they must be able to get in touch easily. Google rankings change every day, looking at analytics and consistent monitoring are the only ways to know for sure if your online marketing efforts are working. Our SEO for architects is not a quick fix, we work with you to produce sustainable results that only authentic knowledge and expertise can achieve.

Link to other Websites

A large part of your architect's website; Links to other websites not only enhance your reputation but also improve your internet rankings. When your content is shared or you share other newsworthy content it promotes you as an authority in your sector. We only link our clients to the best most relevant websites in their niche, ensuring that these links have a positive impact. Because we specialise in websites for architects we know how to make this aspect of your professional online marketing work for you.

Make Contact Easy

When hiring an architect, there are bound to be questions a potential client wants answered. Therefore, having numerous contact options throughout your architects' website is vital if you want to maximise conversions. Hometrade understand the importance of this and take it seriously. One click contact buttons for mobile enquiries are a must and prominently displaying multiple call to action buttons across all your online platforms will enhance your local online presence and increase conversion rates significantly.

Have Customer Testimonials

You can describe your past projects in detail on your website but nothing works better than an image gallery with a customer testimonial singing your praises. Showing potential clients, the finished result with a positive testimonial has a much greater impact than any amount of words so it makes sense to use this to your advantage. Incorporating feedback from all your online marketing platforms onto your website will build the element of trust and increase the user's confidence in you as a company.

Link to Social Media

Professional online marketing should include both SEO and social media advertising to achieve the best results. A website on its own will only attract a few visits a month but having links to social media can increase this dramatically. Engaging with other businesses in your sector, sharing industry news and discussing new developments can all significantly improve traffic to your website and achieve a sustainable increase in your ranking.

Be Secure

Any business is susceptible to cybercrime and it isn't just multi-national companies or retail enterprises that are affected. At any given time, there are 750,000 websites being hacked with the majority being SMBs. We take security and data protection seriously and all our websites for architects include top-notch security applications.

Have Landing Pages

Landing pages are quite simply a page that directs the user to a specific area of your website. for instance, someone might be looking for a "Green roof" they don't want to scan through 26 pages of your site to find what they are looking for similarly a health trust looking for a new care home or hospital building doesn't have the time to look at Mrs Jones' eco-friendly self-build or a modern block of apartments you designed and will likely abandon your site for another where they can find the information they need.

A good landing page targets a specific audience, offers something of value and should if designed and optimised correctly convert a higher percentage of visitors into quality leads. They tend to be overlooked by a lot of online marketers as they can be difficult to get right. We have helped create landing pages for architects that have produced measurable results. Tracking landing pages also gives insight into what areas of your professional online marketing are working and which need improvement.

There are many free templates online and companies offering one size fits all solutions for architect's websites but you and I know that quality and originality is needed in this highly competitive market-place.

It is not in an architect's mindset to follow the crowd. Creativity is key to both your industry and ours. We only work with one architect in any local area, therefore we are able to focus all our skills and expertise on your architectural firm, concentrating on making you the #1 in your local area. We will work with you to produce a website that will take your business to the next dimension. (Simple!)


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