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Expert SEO for Builders and Building Contractors

As a builder you are an expert in creating homes to please your customers whether it is an extension or loft conversion.

But what if you can't reach out to new customers?

Gone are the days when word of mouth was enough to keep the jobs rolling in.

Builders have suffered more than most trades since the global recession of 2008.

Therefore, an online presence is hugely important and the foundation of that is SEO.

You may be familiar with the term Search Engine Optimisation or as it is commonly known SEO and you may be wondering if it is a viable option for your Building Business?

The simple answer is yes! More cost-effective than other forms of online marketing for Builders, professionally managed SEO can make a huge difference, increasing the visibility of your website, producing new leads and attracting new customers.


We only ever work with 1 client or company per service in any town or city.

If you would like to get us to help you dominate your area then get in touch today, before somebody else does!

Unfortunately, it isn't easy and many builders have neither the time or inclination to use it to full advantage.

We specialise in SEO for Building Contractors and have helped many local Builders achieve their goal which, ultimately, is to attain the #1 slot for the specific search terms relevant to your building services in your local area.

Our Building Contractors SEO Services Have Earned 100's of #1 Rankings

Resulting in 1000's of Builders Leads for Our Clients

Our Building Companies SEO and Marketing Services Include:

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Does your Building Company need SEO? Search engine optimisation is a method of online marketing that improves your website's content, authority and code giving your site an improved ranking in the major search engines. It is the most cost-effective of the digital marketing solutions for Builders and can make a huge difference if done correctly. Our professional SEO for Builders and Building Contractors is the perfect solution if you want to be the #1 ranked Builder in your area.


Building companies need to be found in their local area, it's a no-brainer. That's where most of their jobs come from so it makes sense when someone searches for "Builders in....." You want to be up there right at the top. Our Local Map Listings for Building Contractors are expertly managed ensuring potential clients in your area can easily find and contact you. Local citations are another great way of being found online and we only link you to the very best sites making sure you receive quality leads. As part of our professional online marketing strategy for Builders, Local Map Listings can play an important part getting your Building company to that top spot.


These days a website is the number one way of generating more business but, of the millions of websites out there, very few are doing the job they were created for. A Builders website really should be left to the professionals as it is a reflection on your company and the work you do so the last thing you need is it to look sloppy. Secondly your website needs to be found on the first page of Google also requiring the expertise of someone who knows what they are doing. Our websites for Builders have helped many local Building Companies acquire a professional looking website filled with quality content that gets them found in their local area and has an enormous impact on their business.


A lot of Builders think that Pay Per Click AdWords campaigns are only for large national companies. However, they can work really well for independent and family run Building companies too. Because you are targeting your local area and your offer niche services, an AdWord campaign for Builders can be a cost-effective way of topping those Google rankings, although it does have to be expertly optimised to beat your competitors. Our PPC for Builders and Building Contractors gets quick results and combined with organic SEO can really boost your online marketing.


Make Sure They Find You.
  • Local listings
  • Expert SEO

Expert SEO Creates Organic Listings

What is SEO?

Why should you care?

These two questions are something any Builder should ask themselves.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short is the solid foundation of any online marketing strategy for Building companies.

It is a way of increasing visitors to your website by achieving a high-ranking on a search engine's result page for your local area.

You should care, because SEO is essential if you want to attract customers, grow your Building business and believe me your competition are already using it.

We specialise in SEO for Builders and because of our experience working with Building Companies, just like yours, we know how to make it work.

A professional online marketing solution with quality SEO rich content will get you that much sought after #1 position on Google for your local area and generate leads, in short, it will help you build your business as well as houses.


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Organic VS PPC

Most local Builders don't bother with Pay Per Click or AdWords campaigns and it's easy to see why.

Landing pages, quality scores, optimisation, keyword research, it sounds confusing and it can be, even the most computer savvy can feel like tearing their hair out trying to organise a campaign.

However, with expert management, PPC for Builders can have amazing results.

Not only can it propel you to the top of Google overnight, it enables you to compete with large national companies on a level playing field.

The reason for this is, that it is not necessarily the Builder who pays the most money whose advert is selected by Google.

Once again their sophisticated algorithms sort out which Builder's services most closely match the user's enquiry.

That is why it pays to hire a professional. We know how to make Adwords for Builders work, while keeping the costs down and the campaigns strong.

We know how to optimise your landing pages, target your local area and make sure potential customers can contact you through any device.

Although we don't recommend it as a long-term solution, our Adword campaigns for Building companies can achieve a great ROI when initially combined with our range of digital marketing strategies for Builders.


Customer's demand fast websites and a fully responsive design. They search in many ways including IPhone, Tablet & Desktop. Is Your Website Ready?


We design contractors websites from the ground up with one sole purpose in mind.

That is to do the job the Builder or Building Contractor needs it to do.

Builder's websites should inform, display and convert.

    • Inform them of who you are and what your company is all about.
    • Display all of your previous work, accreditation's, testimonials and contact information.
    • Convert browsers into leads and calls. 

    With these three key elements in place you will already be ahead of 90% of the competition

Gallery of Building Company Websites

We have a full selection of designs all mobile friendly and and tested for high conversion.

  • Customers love them
  • You will love them
  • And search engines love them. 

Just like your day job you can't do it correctly without the right tools.

If you want the lion's share of Builder's leads in your area you will need the right tools.

Is your business ready for a website that works? 

 Does Your Website Bring You Leads?

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Why We Are The Better Choice Seo Agency
For Contractors?

lets break down into time, and results. which is what should matter.

Professional SEO for roofers is broken down into month by month campaigns. Each month tasks are compiled as to what it needed and a list of “to do tasks” is created.

Standard Agency

Look at the market and analyse the competition 

Conduct extensive keyword research

Pinpoint Website optimisation improvements

Create a strategy

Test aspects of the strategy

Niche related content creation

The Big One – Try to work out where to earn highly relevant and needed search signals and links.

Our Seo Agency For Tradesmen 

We live and breathe this and only this market every day.

We have over 10k niche specific, buying keywords recorded to date.

Our strategy has been tested intensively and  achieved unrivalled results.

Time and money saved as we test daily. 

 This is our full time profession.

All our content is written by our team. They know what is needed and what will work.

The Big One – We defy any agency to be able to match us on the contacts we have built up in this industry. We use our connections and expertise to directly benefit our clients.

Home Trade Marketing Trusted By 


We asked some of  our clients 2 questions 

1) Would they recommend us?

2) Would they put down in their own words what they would say about us

Grant findley LLB LLM BVC
Director Findley Roofing and Building Ltd

Home Trade Marketing have been responsible for our SEO and online marketing campaigns for over 3 years now and have lifted our brand throughout google rankings to impressive levels across many keywords.

They also manage our PPC campaign and have delivered the best results pound for pound than in most of our other forms of marketing. Currently our spend reflects only 4% and is now outperforming all other forms of marketing. In a world dogged by shallow promises and pushy salesmen John and his team deliver results with no hassle

Brendan Carr
Director Caztec Group Ltd

The Caztec Group are delighted to be working in partnership with Home Trade Marketing.

 Without doubt, our online presence has increased dramatically and this in turn has created new opportunities and access to markets we were not previously successful in. The SEO carried out on our behalf has provided real benefits to our company and has driven up sales through new work streams. I would, without hesitation, recommend Home Trade Marketing to be part of your future digital strategy.


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