Builders Leads: 4 Proven Strategies We Use (To Dominate)

Lead generation should be the top priority for any local builder or building contractor. Read on to find out why you could be missing out on local work and what 4 proven strategies Hometrade use, enabling you to dominate the competition.

A Great Website

Few businesses don't have a website these days, unfortunately only a very small proportion of them do the job for which they were created. Is your builder's website generating leads? Is it easy for potential customers to get in touch? Are you #1 in search engine results for your local area? Is your website mobile friendly? If the answer to any of these questions is no, your business could be suffering.

Web design can be over-whelming for the average builder, so, it really is value for money to hire a professional who has expertise in the construction sector. We have built loads of websites for builders that not only look great, but achieve high rankings, generate tons of leads and have seen significant increases in conversions.

Landing Pages

When someone is searching for a builder on the internet they want to know that you can do the job they require and as you probably offer numerous services it is important you have landing pages to direct them to exactly what they need whether it is residential, public or commercial work, repairs and maintenance. Landing pages provide a point of entry to the section of your website that deals with that specific area. They are not the same as web pages and understanding the difference is essential if you want your website to generate more leads. Hometrade have designed hundreds of landing pages for building contractors and we know how to make them work.

Lead Magnets

Another way to generate leads on your website is by offering lead magnets. Quite simply a lead magnet is offering the user something of interest or value in exchange for personal information. The key to creating great lead magnets is understanding your target audience. Our work with builders across the UK means we know what your potential clients are interested in and can create effective lead magnets that really make a difference.

Call to Action buttons

Arguably the most important feature of your online marketing for builders are CTA buttons. Leads, conversions, and ultimately profit all depend on a powerful call to action. Your CTA must be the best it can possibly be to have maximum impact and there should be lots of them throughout your builder's website. There are 100s you can use but they all have three features

• Placement-They need to be easily found

• Design-They need to stand out and be recognisable

• Text-They need to compel the user to act now, clear concise and honest

Why leave this important feature of your website to chance? We know how to create CTA buttons for building contractors that generate more leads and boost conversions.


Search engine optimisation varies from business to business and is definitely not a "one size fits all" element of your online marketing efforts. Organic SEO is what gets you found on google and is vital to any lead generation effort, after all if your building company can't be found at the top of those search engine results the user will click on the competition and you will lose a potential client. SEO is tough for the average builder to implement correctly it is much more than stuffing your content with keywords. Every aspect of your online marketing should be optimised for it to work effectively that includes domain names, images, body text, reviews, headers and this requires extensive research both for short and long-tail keywords.

Our expertise in SEO for builders means we have conducted that all important research we know how to optimise your online presence so that you are the #1 building contractor in your local area getting the lion's share of leads and business.

Local Branding

They are not Mcdonalds or Gucci so why on earth do builders need local branding? The answer is that branding tells a story. It informs prospective clients of who and where you are, what you do and how you do it, it establishes a personal connection, builds trust, generates quality leads and is an essential part of any online marketing for local builders. Hometrade have laid the foundation for a strong local brand for dozens of building companies, just like yours, by narrowing your focus and using proven strategies that produce measurable results.

Images and Photos

Websites that contain images, info-graphs and videos get more views and more interaction, fact! A strong brand image will generate more leads. However, utilising visual elements in your online marketing can be tricky if you don't have the expertise to do it correctly. The best content in the world can be ruined by a badly formatted picture and this reflects on your building company's professionalism. Having quality optimised images is essential to enhance user experience and increase google rankings.


Engaging with the local community is a great way to build your local brand and generate more quality leads. linking with local businesses, charities and sports teams encourages conversations with your target marketplace and as everyone knows people are more likely to hire a builder they know and trust.

Engage & Reply

Word of mouth has and always will be how builders gain a lot of their work and it works just as well online. Having lots of reviews, engaging in discussions, replying to questions and responding to any problems a customer may have will have the benefit of your company being found for more long-tail keyword searches, increase your online reputation and ultimately generate more leads


There are tons of ways to build your building company's brand locally and descriptions play an important role. Your employees are part of your business, photos and bios create a personal touch and make an emotional connection. Your history, mission and values should also be described in detail using SEO rich content as should your accreditations, case studies and membership of any trade associations.

PPC Advertising

Hometrade use pay per click advertising for builders to complement our online marketing solutions and generate more leads for 3 reasons

Instant results - PPC or AdWords has one huge advantage over organic SEO and that is speed. Whereas search engine optimisation takes time to produce results PPC can get you to the top of Google the same day.

Extremely targeted - A pay per click campaign can target potential leads in a particular area even at specific hours of the day so it's great for placing your services in front of the right people at the right time.

Keyword Domination - Even if your organic SEO places your building company high in the search results for particular keywords, you can still use PPC to dominate the search results.

Don't be frightened by PPC it is a fantastic marketing tool and managed by experts who specialise in builders it can be a cost-effective solution to generate more leads. You can set the budget and choose less expensive long-tail keyword searches and opposed to tradtional advertising you are charged only if the user shows some interest and clicks on the advert. Hometrade recommend PPC as a short-term solution to generate leads while organic search engine optimisation kicks in keeping costs to the minimum,

Our online marketing packages for builders and building contractors are designed to generate more leads for your business and we have used these 4 proven strategies to help building companies throughout the country grow and dominate


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