Expert (PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising for Builders and Building Contractors

Mention PPC to most builders and they will break out in a cold sweat. "Isn't that where you pay to attract visitors to your website?" Well, yes, it is, but there are some fantastic benefits to using pay per click advertising for local builders and here we find out why you should give it a go.

Very few people will type in the name of a company when performing a search on Google most will type in something like "Builders in Salford" " Local Building companies" The thing is, these searches vary and no matter how good your SEO is you may not be found for all of them or alternatively you may be found by people you cannot accommodate. So, how do you find out which searches work best for your building business and top those search results for your local area? The answer is PPC.

Pay per click advertising for builders is basically an auction. Building companies set their budget and bid on certain keywords or phrases each with a different value, then, when a user's search includes that keyword Google decide which advert will provide the customer with the best online experience and most relevant information.

Most builders are wary of AdWord campaigns thinking they will be expensive, it's complicated and there is no guarantee of results but here's the thing; Hiring an external company to manage your PPC can save you money, improve your SEO, give you keyword domination for your local area, generate more leads and ultimately grow your business and unlike traditional advertising pay per click allows you to monitor the results and tweak the advert until you get it right. What's not to like?

Fair enough AdWords can be tricky and expensive if not managed correctly but did you realise it isn't the company who pays the most money for the keywords who always wins the auction, no? As mentioned earlier Google want to be the biggest and best directory there is by providing the user with exactly what they want so to do this they look at something called a "quality score".

This is determined by looking at certain factors of your advert including:

Click Through Rate

The clue is in the title your building company's CTR is the amount of time a user clicks on the advert divided by the times shown. Now, someone clicking on the ad, not finding what they want and leaving the page is called a bounce is where costs can add up and money is wasted (depending on the keyword it can be a lot of money) Google look at every one of your campaigns here, so a poorly performing campaign from months ago could still be hurting your click through rate and as this is the most important factor determining your quality score it is important to monitor results and get those ads right.

Landing Pages

A successful landing page is not easy to design unless you know exactly what you are doing and have the time to analyse how it is working for you. There are certain things that Google look for and hiring a professional online marketing company that has the knowledge of your sector can really make a difference to the results your PPC campaigns achieve.


The biggest mistake companies make when designing landing pages is including too much irrelevant information. A landing page needs to be focused, clear and concise. Someone looking for an extension building doesn't want information about a commercial venture you undertook miles away and vice versa. Therefore, it is important you provide local content and precisely what the potential customer is searching for. Cramming all your services onto one landing page might seem like a way of saving money but will end up a costly mistake. If you want to promote a different service add a new landing page.


Trust is an important factor in the construction industry and Google look for total transparency in your landing pages. Don't make false promises or have hidden extras. Let the customer know exactly what they will receive, also how your company will use any information they may provide. Do not make providing personal information a requisite for accessing your site's content. Transparency will not only improve your "quality score but help build the foundation of a site that is successful at converting and retaining clients.

Easy to Navigate

Another important feature of a great landing page is ease of navigation. They must load quickly (so be careful of pop ups and videos) Never use an element that needs the customer to download software to view it. They must flow and draw the user's eye to the call to action. Keep it simple, logical and organised, making it easy for the user to find their way around and take advantage of your offer. Making your landing pages mobile friendly is essential, they need to be be as easy as possible to generate leads on the go.


A big mistake, when it comes to landing pages, is assuming just because another builder's ad is successful that it will work for your building firm. All this does is produce any number of adverts that are similar and well to be honest average. Google look for your landing page to stand out, you can still be relevant but add a little creativity. Using a company like Hometrade, who have managed countless PPC campaigns for builders and have the skills and experience to design outstanding landing pages, enables you to stand out from your rivals.


The multi-national and large building companies invest a lot of money in pay per click campaigns which gives the impression it is an expensive form of marketing which local builders with their limited resources shy away from. However, it doesn't have to be expensive and can produce a much better return on investment than print advertising. Bidding on local, long-tail and negative keywords can reduce costs and after all you are only charged when someone clicks on your advert. Because we have managed pay per click advertising for builders across the UK we know how to keep costs down while seeing a significant ROI.

8 Reasons You Should Try Pay Per Click Advertising

1. You set your budget

2. It can produce really quick results (If you get it right)

3. Targets the consumer at the right time, right place

4. Can improve other online marketing by showing what keywords work

5. You only pay when someone clicks

6. Helps with Branding

7. Drives traffic to your website

8. Can provide a fantastic ROI

We believe that our excellent organic SEO will produce the results you need to achieve the #1 ranking on Google for your local area but it does take a while to establish.

There may be times business needs a boost or you want to dominate your local area for a new service you provide or different keyword.

Pay per click has its place in any sustainable online marketing solutions for builders and we have helped dozens of building contractors realise its potential.


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