Professional Social Media Advertising For Builders and Building Contractors

We are all familiar with social media, it has become a large part of life and is the largest communication platform on the planet. But have you considered implementing it into your marketing? Let's dive in and see why professional social media advertising for builders could have a major impact on your business.

Most building contractors have a limited marketing budget which can make it difficult to compete with larger building firms. Traditional outbound marketing is expensive and there is no guarantee of a ROI. Social media is a form of inbound marketing and with minimal costs can put your company in front of lots of current and prospective customers.

Here's the thing though, what you save in costs you will need to invest in time and this is where hiring a professional can help. Not only will hiring an expert that specialises in social media for builders save you precious hours it will also make the most of all the opportunities social media offers to provide the best ROI.

10 reasons Social Media is an essential marketing tool for Builders and Building Contractors

1. Its Free

Social media is a fantastic way to create conversations about your brand and nothing comes close to putting your building company in front of such a wide audience, which is why large national companies have dedicated staff managing their social media. Yes, you can pay for adverts and some work very well, but the big advantage of social media is you can still compete with the big players locally without it costing anything at all.

2. Builds Relationships

Online networking is a great way of building relationships and as a builder yourself you will understand that building of any kind requires a strong foundation and cement to hold everything together. Having your logo, contact details and brand across social platforms provides the right foundation and engaging with the right people and providing interesting quality content cements your position. There are many sectors connected to the building industry linking to local companies like building suppliers, tilers, flooring companies and sharing their content will enhance your online reputation and engaging in discussions about your sector with potential clients will build trust.

3. Drives Traffic to your website

Social media is the best way to drive traffic to your website but how do you know which platform and what type of content works best? Successful social media advertising for builders requires some structural changes to your website and constant monitoring to see what is performing well and the knowledge of how to leverage it to create better social media engagement. We manage social media advertising for dozens of builders maintaining a stream of quality traffic to their websites, which helps achieve the #1 position on google in their local area and increases conversion rates.

4. Improves SEO

Professional social media advertising when managed correctly is guaranteed to improve your search engine optimisation, which is why Hometrade combine it with SEO in all our online marketing solutions for builders. It's quite simple really; the larger your reach, the more people talking about your brand, the more shares of quality content you provide and achieve yourself will establish you with Google making it more likely they will direct users to your site. A website needs regular updates to rank organically and linking to social media gives you the opportunity to be found for trending or relevant long-tail keywords quickly.

5. Users have opted-in

Traditional or outbound marketing has always been a bit of a lottery for building contractors, what are the chances of that expensive half page advert been seen by the right person at the right time let's be honest, slim! With the world at our fingertips people looking for a builder are likely to search online doing a bit of research before making a decision. The connections you make on social media have opted in for a reason. They are interested in what you have to say, which makes them quality leads. You can subtly promote yourself without them feeling pressured and seeing it as advertising.

6. Extremely Targeted

Another big advantage of social media is the ability to target your audience. Different platforms offer various options but it is quite simple to target users by locality, age, job roles, even interests. The use of hashtags can determine what industry news is being discussed online enabling you to join in. Twitter has local community hours and groups which can place your brand in front of potential customers. LinkedIn has industry groups too and the option of extremely targeted adverts. Because we specialise in builders and building contractors, we understand your target audience and can utilise this to have maximum impact on your conversion rate.

7. Customer Service

Outstanding customer service starts with communication with the client and social media offers your building company the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition by engaging in dialogue that shows you understand what the customer wants and needs. Answering any questions and addressing problems before they become an issue is an essential part of great customer service and social media offers more ways than ever before for customers to get in touch.

8. Everyone is equal

The construction industry is a highly competitive sector and it is difficult for smaller independent builders to match the marketing efforts of the big players. That is, for everything except social media. A little originality and expertise can go a long way on social media. Using visual elements, being involved with the local community, posting sharable content can see you dominate the large national companies for your local area and gain the lion's share of the business.

9. It will find you customers

Managed by someone who has the skills and knowledge of your niche social media will find you customers. We have worked with dozens of builders so we know how to target the correct audience and key influencers within the industry. Your customers are already interacting with brands on social media so why not your building company? A great online marketing strategy includes social media advertising because it will put you in front of the right people at the right time.

Social media advertising is an essential part of any online marketing solutions for building contractors and should not be neglected otherwise you will get left behind the competition. Hiring a professional to manage your social media for builders is a cost-effective solution. It frees up your time to do what you do best, build things using bricks and mortar.

Why not let Hometrade take control and do what we do best, build your business using social media.


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