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Many building/construction companies have been operating for many years without a website, the majority of their work coming from word of mouth. Here we take a look at why a builder's website is an essential tool for marketing and how the builder's websites we create get results.

The construction industry suffered more than most from the recession in 2008 with many builders going under and most seeing a drop in business. Word of mouth is great but with over 80% of people now searching for services online not having a website could see you losing out to the competition in your local area.

Hometrade have designed and built websites for builders and building contractors throughout the UK. Because we specialise in this sector we know all the tricks of the trade and understand what is needed to achieve that all-important #1 ranking on google, generate more leads and drive your business forward. Our builder's websites get results (Simple)

A successful Builders website should:

Load quickly

Loading speed is vital to a successful website studies have shown that if a site doesn't load within a few seconds the user will abandon the site and look elsewhere. The digital world enables potential customers to access information instantaneously and it has made us an impatient lot. Google also want to provide their users with the best possible online experience and a building company's website that loads fast will feature higher in the search results, generate more leads and subsequently drive more business your way.

Look Professional

We have all seen the TV programmes about "cowboy builders" therefore it stands to reason potential clients will want to be presented with a website that looks professional giving them confidence in your ability to do the job. A sloppy badly designed website will reflect badly on your construction business. It might be a cliché but first impressions really do count, so it is important that you make yours is a good one. Hiring a professional web designer who specialises in the building industry will make your website stand out for all the right reasons.

Be Device Friendly

Mobile and handheld devices are becoming the preferred way of searching online and this trend is going to increase over the coming years. Therefore, it is essential your builder's website converts well to a smaller screen and includes a one click contact option. Many older and DIY websites don't have the capability for this. All our custom websites for builders are mobile friendly as standard.

SEO (Search Engine Optimised)

You might be surprised to learn that less than 10% of web traffic makes it past the first page but think about it, how many times when searching online have you looked at pages 2 or 3 I'm guessing not many. There are millions of companies vying for those all-important top positions on Google so how do you compete? SEO is what gets you found and should be the top priority for any builder's website. We have achieved number 1 rankings for builders across the UK helping them dominate their local area, generate more leads and gain the lion's share of business.

Link to other Websites

Linking to other websites is important not only to increase traffic but also to portray you as an authority in your sector and we don't mean generic home-improvement directories. Because we only work with one builder in any area we focus all our efforts on linking your building company's website to the best, most relevant websites that your competitors can only dream about.

Make Contact Easy

Having your contact details displayed on every page of your website and an easy way to contact you for information will have a positive impact both on the amount of leads your building company generates and conversion rates. A click to call option is especially useful for mobile devices. Having various methods of contact for example social media, email, live chat will enhance the users overall experience and they will be much more likely to return to your site.

Have Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are the online equivalent of word of mouth it doesn't matter that they are posted by strangers, people still trust them and are much more likely to hire a building company that has positive reviews. The more you can link to your website the better as it will build an element of trust and result in higher conversions.

Link to Social Media

While you are building walls, links to social media should be driving traffic to your website and building relationships. You might think social media is purely for friends to communicate, posting photos of holidays, pets and drunken nights out. However, it is an important marketing tool. It can and does work very well for local builders and should be used alongside any SEO efforts. Yes, it takes time, but you don't need to manage it yourself. Hiring a professional who specialises in your industry is a worthwhile investment because building your brand on social media platforms and linking back to your site can make a big difference and produces measurable results.

Be Secure

Cybercrime is big business and you might be surprised to discover that small local businesses are the biggest target for hackers. It doesn't matter if you don't have payment options on your site either, the last thing you want is people prying into your building company's or customer's information. Hometrade take security and privacy very seriously and so should you as there are severe penalties for breaches.

Have Landing Pages

Landing pages are an excellent addition to any small business website including those who deal with bricks and mortar. Having local content on them will improve your search rankings drastically. They direct users to specific information on your website and are an essential lead capture tool.

They are completely different to web pages and should be designed by someone who has the expertise and knowledge to maximise their potential. We have designed landing pages for building companies that have cemented their position as the "go to" building contractor for their local area.

Not having a great website will have a negative impact on your business. I guarantee your competitors are doing everything they can to dominate the local search results and trying to compete without an online presence will be futile. Hometrade work together with builders, just like you. We understand what is needed to achieve measurable results (Simple!)


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