Double Glazing Leads: 4 Proven Strategies We Use (To Dominate)

Lead generation is the top priority for double glazing companies and rightly so. In this highly competitive industry it is essential to obtain quality leads in order for your window fitting company to thrive and grow. Let's take a closer look at why having a professional online lead generation strategy will benefit your double-glazing business and how we use 4 proven strategies to help you dominate your local area.

In the past double glaziers, have relied on traditional outbound marketing to generate leads, cold-calling, door to door salesmen, email campaigns. Expensive and let's be honest not very popular with the general public. Hiring a professional online marketing company that specialises in double glazing and window fitters is a cost-effective solution that will see an increase in quality leads for your replacement window business and you as the #1 double glazing firm in your local area.

A Great Website

Marketing has changed over the last few years, for double glazing companies especially, what was once an aggressive communication with potential clients either with salesmen sitting in your living room for hours or someone on the TV yelling "You buy one, you get one free. I said you buy one" blah blah.

Thankfully methods are now much more sophisticated. Potential customers are searching online for window and door replacement and websites for glaziers have become the new virtual salesmen capable of generating leads and increasing sales for a local double glazing specialist for a fraction of the cost.

To give you the edge over the competition your double glazing website should be designed and managed by a team with knowledge of the sector. We have created outstanding websites for double glazing and window replacement firms throughout the UK achieving 100s of #1 rankings and resulting in our clients seeing an increase in both leads and conversions.

Landing Pages

Quality optimised landing pages are an important factor for any successful website for double glazing companies but unfortunately are neglected by many marketers. A landing page should generate leads and attract visitors to your site. Hometrade understand the difference between web content and landing pages and we deliver focused, well-written, keyword rich landing pages that compliment your organic SEO efforts and provide quality leads.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are a fantastic way to increase lead generation and build relationships with prospective clients. They offer something of interest or value to the user in exchange for personal information as well as promoting your authority within your niche and an element of trust. Double glaziers could use ones like;

• 10 questions to ask before buying a conservatory

• Are your windows secure?

• Sign up for a free quote

Because we create landing pages for double glazing companies every day we know how to get the best possible results.

Call to Action buttons

A call to action button is a link placed on your website the enables the user to become a lead rather than just a browser. They are unlikely used to close a sale for window fitting companies but can be a great tool for consultation appointments and offering discounts as an incentive to "go ahead now"

They should stand out from the surrounding content, be brief (no more than 5 words is preferable) contain verbs and/or power-words such as "Want, Free, Save, Now, Try." They should convey a sense of urgency making the potential customer feel they are missing out on something unless they click right away and perhaps most importantly they should be easy to understand and state clearly exactly what the customer will receive. Double glazing companies who underestimate the importance of effective CTA buttons are missing a trick in their online marketing efforts.


The double glazing industry is a fiercely competitive market and it can be difficult to compete with the big players who have much bigger marketing budgets and whole departments managing their online marketing.

There are no qualifications needed to portray yourself as a SEO expert and it isn't a one size fits all endeavour. That's why it makes sense to hire a professional SEO team who are experienced in your niche, why? because they have the skills and experience to know what works for you! We have worked with dozens of local double glaziers, just like you, we provide measurable results that will help you dominate your local area.

Local Branding

Double glazing companies who previously used dubious sales and marketing techniques have tarnished the reputation of the industry. Therefore, trust is an important factor when choosing a window replacement company and is the reason local branding is so important.

Local glaziers rely on word of mouth for their reputation and can't afford to let it slip. Local branding is also essential for high rankings in search engine results. A powerful brand makes you stand out from the competition. Having your address, contact details, logo, reviews and case studies across all your online marketing platforms builds trust resulting in increased lead generation and more sales.

Images and Photos

Every double-glazing website has image galleries and photos on their site after all photographs bring your products and services to life. Did you know, however, that pictures, info-graphs, videos can benefit your website in other ways than just looking good?

• Websites with images get double the views

• Capture and keep attention resulting in more clicks

• Correctly optimised images will improve your search engine rankings as well as being found in image searches, double whammy!

• Over 50% of consumers are more likely to choose a local company if their search engine result listing includes an image

• More shares on social media

We incorporate quality visual elements across every platform in our professional online marketing services for double glazing and replacement window companies.


Being involved with your local community is one of the best ways to obtain local leads. linking to local businesses, sports and charities and sharing their content builds relationships and your brand. Including your logo and contact details in every engagement creates an element of trust and encourages potential clients to remember you when they require your services.

Engage & Reply

Engaging with customers past and present shows excellent customer service and gives prospective new ones' confidence in your business. The more interaction the better especially combined with customer reviews. Google like to provide their users with the best online search experience so will be more likely to direct people to your website.

Answering questions and discussing related subjects can also see your website being found for more long-tail keyword searches resulting in more leads.


Adding descriptions to your website will add a personal touch and add to the trust element Family values, accreditations, history and photos of professional smiling staff all combine to reflect your professionalism and give you the edge over the more impersonal larger firms

PPC Advertising

Finally, Hometrade are experts in managing pay per click campaigns for double glazing companies. PPC can seem a little daunting for the smaller double glazier and should really be handled by professionals in order to maximise its potential.

We use AdWords or PPC to complement our organic search engine optimisation, which takes time to kick in. Pay per click is a great way to get that number one spot on google for your local area in double-quick time.

Because we specialise in PPC for double glazing firms we achieve measurable results for minimal costs resulting in more leads and increased conversions.

​We offer complete online marketing solutions for double glazing companies that have a significant impact on business. We use these strategies because they work and have seen double glazing and window fitting companies across the country benefit from our expertise. With the lion's share of local leads, you will dominate the local area. Guaranteed!


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