We Create Double Glazing Websites That Get Results (Simple)

Learn How the Best Double Glazing Website Design Can Grow Your Business

What is a great website? Let's find out what that involves and why having a great double glazing website is essential if you want to keep up with the competition and grow.

The answer is simple A great website is one that generates leads and increases business. Yes, the answer may be simple but building a website for double glazing companies that does what it is supposed to is not! Especially if you rely on template solutions or try to design one yourself.

Why does your double glazing company need a great website?

Internet searches are the way people look for window replacement companies, conservatory design and home-improvement firms. Gone are the days of salesmen knocking on doors on the off chance of a lead. Over 80% of potential customers are looking online and if your double glazing company can't be found, you are losing out on masses of work which is going to the competition.

There are various factors which, when combined produce a great website and unless you are confident in your ability to get them all spot on, it's worth considering hiring a professional.

We specialise in building outstanding websites for double glazing companies that not only look good and achieve #1 local rankings but also help you smash the competition, increase lead generation, build your brand and produce a significant ROI.

A successful Double Glazing Company's website should:

Load quickly

Seconds make all the difference in the digital world. Did you know that most users will abandon a website if it fails to load in less than 3 seconds? It will also impact the amount of time people will spend on your site if they can't get the information they are looking for instantly. A fast site provides a good user experience, something Google is looking for so it can also improve your ranking. We test all our websites for double glaziers to ensure loading times are kept to a minimum resulting in more traffic and subsequently an increase in business.

Look Professional

Nobody would hire a window company that didn't look professional and online your double glazing website is your shop front. It creates the first impression of your company so it is vital it's a good one. You wouldn't have dirty windows, sloppy staff and dingy interior in a store so why have spelling mistakes, wrongly formatted images and bad design on your website. A great website should be eye-catching, have SEO fresh engaging content that is easy to read. It should have optimised images, be easy to navigate, clear and concise. First impressions really do count so make sure yours is the best it can be.

Be Device Friendly

Being mobile device friendly is essential to any great website. So many of us search while we are on the go, that mobile devices account for a large percentage of internet browsing. Websites that were built even a couple of years ago, templates and DIY websites do not convert well to the smaller screen and you could be missing out on a large chunk of business by neglecting this aspect of your double glazing website. All our websites for double glazing firms are optimised for handheld devices as standard, maximising your online potential.

SEO (Search Engine Optimised)

The best-looking website is guaranteed to be a failure if it can't be found. There are millions of websites on the internet with only a small proportion of them actually being successful. Languishing on page 8 of Google will not generate leads or bring in any business. Your double glazing company's website needs to be at the top of the search results for your local area to be effective. SEO is therefore the most important part of your website and should be taken seriously. Because we specialise in SEO for double glaziers and window replacement companies and have achieved 100s of top rankings, you can rest assured with our help your website will be where it needs to be #1 in your local area.

Link to other Websites

Potential customers will not make an impulsive decision when deciding to have their doors and windows replaced or a conservatory built. It is a large investment and they will look for someone who knows what they are doing and whom is seen as an authority in their sector. Linking to the best relevant websites like trade associations, manufacturers and movers and shakers within the industry sharing their content and perhaps guest blogging all enhance your online reputation, improve your rankings and help you dominate your local area.

Make Contact Easy

Having liberal call to action buttons throughout your site will generate more leads fact! This way users can access specific information with one click. It also pays to have your contact details displayed on every page and across all your online platforms as this helps you to be found in local searches and makes it simple for potential clients who require more information to get in touch.

Have Customer Testimonials

Word of mouth has never been so important. Internet users are more likely to hire a double glazing company who has good reviews with over 75% trusting them as much as personal recommendation. If you are not offering customers the opportunity to leave feedback and honest reviews you are alienating a large proportion of the public who will abandon your site in favour of the competition. Having reviews across other platforms also helps with your online visibility. User reviews are tremendously important and the longer you wait to optimise them the more business you will miss out on.

Link to Social Media

Nowadays no professional SEO effort is complete without links to social media. Google look to social media as a way of measuring your online credibility. Engaging with people on social media also means you are likely to rank higher for long-tail keyword and having your brand and contact details on numerous platforms really helps for local searches. Hometrade are experts in providing links to social media and incorporating these links to improve your double glazing website's authority and ranking.

Be Secure

Would it surprise you to learn that only 20% of websites are secure and even if you don't have a payment method on your site, allowing potential hackers to sniff around your user's files and personal information is a big no no! Security and Privacy are not something you can afford to neglect as the penalties can be high. All our websites for double glazing contractors comply with the government's rules and regulations.

Have Landing Pages

Landing pages must be well-designed, appealing and easy to use. They offer something of value to both parties the double glazing company receives the lead and the user receives something they want whether it is a helpful guide, a discounted offer, or free consultation. There are several factors that contribute to the effectiveness of a landing pages and because we have worked with local double glazing companies across the UK we know how to get the best results.

If we were asked to fit a window we would struggle and it stands to reason that most double glaziers would do the same if asked to design a website. Free templates work for some small businesses but not double glazing contractors.

Your website needs to be found high in the rankings, it needs to reflect your professionalism. It needs to compete in a highly competitive sector so why risk it. Give us a call. We design and build websites for double glazing companies that get results (Simple!)


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