Electrician Leads – These 4 Proven Strategies Will Explode Your Electrical Business

Every Electrician needs leads to generate business and the main job of any online marketing is to bring in those leads, enabling your business to grow. The thing is; The internet is constantly changing, what works one month is less successful the next and vice versa.

That's why hiring a professional is the key to success. Our specialist packages especially catered to electricians provide you with everything you need to dominate the local market. Some of the strategies we use to give you the lion's share of local electrician leads include:

A Great Website

We have provided electricians all over the UK with outstanding websites. A well designed website is the key to online success and we don't just mean pretty pictures. An effective website for electricians has to be informative, easy to use, have great organic SEO content and in such a competitive industry it has to stand out. There are millions of websites out there not doing the job for which they were created. Don't let your electrician's website be one of them.

Landing Pages

A successful landing page is used for 2 main reasons;

1. To encourage potential clients to click through to your website and

​2. Lead generation.

If you offer numerous services both residential and commercial landing pages are a great way to direct the potential customer to exactly what they need. They are not the place to give a detailed history of the company or a place to cram every bit of information about what you do and for who. Keeping it short and simple is best practice, focus on one area of your business aimed a specific target market. Encourage users to offer their email address by offering something useful in return. (Lead Magnets) Grab their attention and make it a simple process to get in touch. We are experts in building landing pages for electrical companies and electricians producing shockingly effective results.

Lead Magnets

As mentioned above lead magnets are an excellent way of generating leads and utilising them is as easy as flicking a switch. A lead magnet offers something for free in return for supplying contact information. What you offer is entirely up to you but instructional videos and tips, relevant to your industry all work well. for example, a lead magnet for an electrical company could be something like:

10 tips to save money on your electric bill

A short quiz to find out how energy efficient the users home is

The perfect lead magnet not only generates a lead but engages the user making it more likely they will remember your company and return to your site.

Because we specialise in online marketing for electricians and getting more electrical contractors leads we are able to offer various methods of lead generation which deliver measurable results.

Call to Action buttons

A potential customer has found what they are looking for on your site in short they are ready to buy your electrical service. They want to be able to act on it immediately and get in touch. Complicated methods of contact are a big No No! Long convoluted contact forms will put people off that's why call to action buttons are arguably one of the most important factors of your site.

Are your electrician's website conversion rates suffering?

If so we can help!


Most websites fail in their objective for one simple reason- they can't be found! Search Engine Optimisation is the key to any successful electrician's website. We know how to bring traffic to your site and increase your rankings organically which is, by far, the most cost-effective solution for any online marketing strategy for electrical businesses. We provide you with fresh, quality SEO rich content that will help you maintain the top position when potential clients search for electricians in your area.

Local Branding

Branding might seem something that is done by large multi-national companies but look how well it works I only have to mention 3 stripes, the yellow arches or a small Labrador puppy for you to know which brands I am referring to. However, branding can work just as well for an electrician in their local area and for most electricians' local business is their bread and butter. We utilise various strategies to ensure your electrical firm is the go-to electrician in your area.

Images and Photos

Using loads of pictures captures user's attention and makes the site more personal but it's important to use them wisely there is no point having an image of large office blocks in your header if you only do residential work and vice versa. If you do a lot of work for hospitals show it off in a photo it immediately tells a potential client what you do. Use your logo, not just on your website but throughout the web. Pictures of uniformed staff presents a professional looking workforce and gives a personal touch.


Being involved with a local charity, sports team or community project is a great way to enhance your reputation. Once again if you are linked to any local sites or charities use your logo so it is consistently building your brand.

Engage & Reply

Word of mouth used to be and still is in a lot of cases the way electricians obtain a great deal of business. Recommendations and referrals are just as important online. Having an electrician's website where visitors can leave feedback, ask questions and solve problems quickly is essential when establishing your brand. We provide comprehensive online marketing solutions for electrical businesses where online reviews count towards your local reputation.


The more relevant descriptions you have on your website the better, not just the services you provide, staff, accreditations, membership of societies, work completed, can all be optimised by our skilled experienced team in such a way as to build your credibility and enhance your local branding

PPC Advertising

All these methods combined if managed correctly (and by correctly I don't mean by your receptionist who is always posting pictures on snapchat or even you in the half an hour of an evening when Coronation Street is on) will improve your ranking. It doesn't happen overnight though which is where PPC or AdWords comes in. Our clients, which include electricians, just like you, have found that investing in some PPC advertising while waiting for your website to top those rankings can produce almost instant ROI. Pay per click advertising for electricians when managed by a specialist is a way to establish yourself online while growing other avenues.

Our comprehensive packages for electricians and electrical contractors leads offer value for money and are an excellent way to generate new leads. From start to finish we offer a complete service that has achieved #1 rankings for dozens of electrical companies helping them dominate their local area and grab the majority of the electrician leads out there.


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