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Why do electricians and electrical contractors need a website? Many electricians make the mistake of relying on word of mouth for local business but with most of us now searching online for tradesmen not having an electrician's website could mean losing out to the competition.

Most electrical websites are built by website design agencies that don't understand the true purpose of an electricians website. The very best websites for electricians and electrical contractors drive calls to your business and emails to your inbox! 

Things have changed, you might assume that only younger people use the internet to search for products and services while the older generation prefer the traditional phonebook but here's the thing, 86% of older people go online, so you could be missing out on significant business by neglecting your online presence.

Those younger people too, they could be first time buyers who need an electrician to fix their new homes, they could be in jobs that hire electrical contractors for commercial projects. Do electricians need this target market? Absolutely! Whichever way you look at it a website for electricians is an essential and shockingly efficient way of generating more leads and growing your electrical business.

So, as an electrician, we've established your need for a website if you want your business to grow and be the dominant force in your local area, but, how do you go about it and what features does a website for electrical contractors need, to be a success?

Hiring a professional that specialises in electrician's websites and more importantantly understands electricial website design and what the sites main purpose should be is the first step of this process. Yes, you could do it at home in the little spare time you have, but ask yourself- would you hire a plumber to rewire a house. Precisely! that is why you need an expert who has the skills and experience to create a top-performing electrician's website that creates the spark you need to electrify your business

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This website was built and optimised for Caztec Electrical in Washington Tyne and Wear, you can visit the full site by clicking the link. To talk to us about your website then get in touch here.

A successful Electrician's website should:

Load quickly

First things first, speed is essential for any successful website for electricians and electrical contractor. If the homepage or any landing pages don't load within a couple of seconds, the user will leave the site and you will lose a potential customer. We have worked with dozens of electricians to ensure their sites load quickly an important factor in achieving the #1 ranking for your local area.

Look Professional

If a potential customer is looking for an electrician, they want a qualified tradesman therefore it is vital your electrician website design reflects your professionalism. Sloppily designed sites full of spelling mistakes will have a negative impact on your business. An electrical contractor's website should create a great first impression and give the customer all the information they are looking for in order for them to pick up the phone.

Be Device Friendly

Nowadays over 50% of internet searches are conducted on mobile phones and tablets which is why all our websites for electricians are optimised to be mobile device friendly. Many DIY and templated sites do not have the capability to be viewed on smaller screens which will result in the user becoming frustrated and leaving the site. Having a professional, handheld device friendly site will not only will this increase your search engine rankings it will give you the edge over your competition.

SEO (Search Engine Optimised)

The most cost-effective method of achieving that coveted number one position on Google search engine optimisation is best left to the professionals. There are 3 things essential to SEO for electricians:

1. Your website coding needs to be found, read, indexed and ranked.

2. SEO rich content should establish you as an authority within your niche.

3. External links from the best relevant websites should be optimised to further amplify your authority.

Because we specialise in SEO for electricians we provide outstanding websites for electrical contractors we guarantee with our expertise your electrician's website will see an exponential increase in traffic, leads and business.

Link to other Websites

Linking to other websites makes your electrical company a valuable resource and by this we don't means dozens of generic home improvement websites. No! Our electrician's websites are linked to only the best and most relevant local sites, links to manufacturers, ECA, local Chamber of Commerce and relevant business combine to ensure you become the go-to electrician in your local area.

Make Contact Easy

Most homemade tradesmen websites have a contact page. usually involving the user filling out details or scribbling down phone numbers. Having numerous call to action buttons throughout your website for different areas of your business will enable the customer to get in touch simply and easily increasing the chances of them making that call.

Have Customer Testimonials

Tradesmen know the value of recommendations they have been instrumental in drumming up business since the dawn of time. Nowadays the internet is the perfect platform for customers to say their piece, whether blowing a fuse or singing your praises. Online reviews managed correctly are a brilliant way generate business and improve your rankings.

Link to Social Media

Social media is the biggest communication platform on the planet so it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunities it provides. As well as increasing your reach, social media allows you to build relationships with local businesses and the community. Customers can leave feedback, ask questions and you can ask them to share your business through their own social networks. Our expertly managed social media for electricians can be integrated with your website, maximising your electrical company's potential.

Be Secure

An electrician's website is their store front, brand and first contact with prospective customers. Often it is assumed that small electrical companies or independent electricians are not large enough to be targeted by hackers, however, online fraudsters have the most sophisticated programs that can identify vulnerable websites and even the smallest business can suffer security breaches and fraud attempts. Our websites keep your customer's money safe by implementing secure payment options that comply with government rules and regulations

Have Landing Pages

Landing pages can be a very effective addition to your electrical company's website. They are designed to generate more leads and direct users to specific areas of your site for example you might have one for commercial work, residential jobs, outdoor lighting. When potential customers find the information they are looking for quickly and easily they are more likely to give you a call. Along with targeted marketing our specialist landing pages for electricians will increase traffic to your site, improve your organic SEO, and help you achieve the #1 ranking in your local area

Anyone can build a website there are numerous companies on the net offering free templates and admittedly they do work for some people. You will notice if you have tried one of these sites that anything above a basic template is chargeable. That's because building a decent website isn't easy and rising up the rankings on search engines is even more difficult.

Hiring an experienced professional who specialises in creating outstanding websites for electricians, has achieved hundreds of top rankings and understands what is required with electricians webites to produce measurable results that can light up your electrical business (Simple)


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