Estate Agent Leads: 4 Proven Strategies We Use (To Dominate)

Estate Agents are in the enviable position of having 4 target audiences' buyers, sellers, landlords and people looking for rented properties. They need to generate leads from each and here we look at the 4 proven strategies we use to ensure local domination.

A Great Website

It's hard to imagine the world without technology and estate agents have been embracing the digital world for a while now with property portals playing a major part. Zoopla and Rightmove have their place in online marketing strategies for estate agents but it is your website that will show off your professionalism, drive traffic, generate leads and ultimately see your estate agency grow.

The property industry relies on great first impressions, appearances and reputation to generate leads so it is crucial to get your website right. We have helped dozens of estate agents create glossy, innovative websites that show off their brand, are mobile device friendly and have excellent usability. Creating the best possible user experience, will see an increase in traffic, leads, and conversions and help achieve the #1 ranking for your local area that will see your estate agency dominate.

Landing Pages

Landing pages for estate agents are singularly focused pages designed for the purpose of turning an interested user into a lead or sale. As an estate agent, you probably target multiple segments of the marketplace and the more you tailor your landing pages to a specific user the more effective they will be. An effective landing page for estate agents must communicate these 3 things.

Who you are - A landing page for property company must show who you are. This doesn't mean delving into your history with reams of text it means the page must show off your brand. A prominent logo, accreditation badges, locality and colours that reflect your branding are enough to create the right impression at a glance.

How you can help - Clear, concise and relevant is what is needed on landing pages. One of the biggest mistakes estate agencies make with landing pages is sending the user to a general homepage when they have clicked on something specific. Make sure your headline links with the offer and the correct content, landlords are not interested in your reduced selling fees and house buyers do not care about your comprehensive landlord services. Using an image to portray your offer is a great way of grabbing the user's attention but it must be relevant.

How to receive the offer - The user must immediately be aware of how to take advantage of your offer and access the information they need. Therefore, it is vital to ensure your call to action is obvious and easy to navigate. If you want them to watch a video or read a guide, make the process simple. If you want them to get in touch, make it a one click process (especially for mobile phones)

Lead Magnets

Another great way to increase lead generation for estate agents and property companies is by offering lead magnets, they are found on landing pages but can also be incorporated throughout your website and are especially useful if you have a blog linked to your website where they work as a content upgrade. A lead magnet is basically an opt-in bribe offering something in exchange for the user's information. Because of the variety of potential customers lead magnets for estate agents need to be diverse and our experience with the sector means we know the right lead magnet for the right customer.

Call to Action buttons

One of the most important factors in any online marketing strategy for estate agents are CTA buttons they are the key to success and should be taken seriously. The more call to action buttons you have throughout all your online platforms the better. They should be bright, easily noticed and fulfill their objective of persuading the potential customer to act now! Avoid industry jargon and remember your audience. Is your estate agency making the most of CTA buttons if not we can help and you are guaranteed to see an increase in leads.


Google is massive way bigger than any property portal that is why SEO is so important for estate agents. Most vendors and buyers will begin their property adventure by searching on Google and it makes sense for you to be found at the top of the results for your local area. Why fight the competition for leads on property portals when you could be up there on your own?

Hometrade specialise in SEO for estate agents, we have achieved hundreds of top ranking positions on Google which in turn see more leads and higher conversion rates. We have conducted extensive keyword research resulting in your estate agency been found for more long-tail searches. We monitor and analyse results to keep abreast of changes and focus our efforts on only one estate agent in any one area. That's why our clients dominate.

Local Branding

All estate agents are essentially the same they have similar websites, with identical menus and tabs, they produce brochures, have properties listed on portals and arrange viewings so how do you stand out from the competition? The answer is local branding. Local branding tells a story and builds trust. Having your logo prominently displayed across all platforms, local map listings and being involved in industry and community discussions will get you noticed and users remembering your name.

Images and Photos

Images create more interest than even the best content so it is vital local estate agents make the most of visual elements throughout their professional online marketing to achieve the best results. Properly optimised photos, info-graphs and videos can make a big difference to lead generation efforts


Linking to local businesses, charities sports teams etc and sharing their content is a great way to of building your local brand. It also creates a personal connection and studies show that people are much more likely to hire companies they know and trust.

Engage & Reply

Word of mouth has always been important to estate agents and even in the digital world we live in continues to be so. Having feedback and reviews, answering questions and engaging in discussions will all combine to improve local branding. You can even set up alerts to keep abreast of what happening online relating to your sector.


Descriptions play an important part in online local branding. Bios of staff with photos create an emotional connection making the customer feel like they know you. Your history and accreditations are also important as are any mentions in the media perhaps as a sponsor of a local football team or helping a charity. It might be a cliché, but people buy people and that is just as true online.

PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising for estate agents is a fantastic way of driving traffic to your website and increasing lead generation. Without a proper understanding of the platform, however, it can be a risky business.

We use PPC to complement our online marketing services for estate agents because we are experts in this sector we use the best strategies to optimise your pay per click campaigns and understand what is required to produce measurable results. PPC or Adwords is a legitimate way to guarantee your presence on the first page of Google and is especially useful while you wait for your organic SEO to establish itself or when you need results fast.

When combined, these 4 proven strategies will improve estate agents lead generation. We know because we have helped dozens of estate agencies achieve top rankings on Google for their local area and dominate their rivals in this incredibly competitive sector.


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