Professional Social Media Advertising For Estate Agents

The property market has lagged behind when it comes to social media advertising. This is a big mistake and here we look at why professional social media advertising for estate agents is an important part of any successful online marketing strategy.

Social media is massive, with Facebook alone having well over a billion users, therefore, it stands to reason if your customers are using social media that your estate agency should be too. There are multiple channels that can be utilised to promote your brand, increase traffic to your website, generate leads and ultimately grow your business.

10 reasons Social Media is an essential marketing tool for Estate Agents

1. Cost

Basic social media advertising for estate agents is free you can have your logo out there for all to see with your contact details and biography, engage in discussions and drive traffic to your website for absolutely nothing. Even if you decide to maximise the potential of social media with paid adverts you can set your own budget so it can produce results for minimal costs. Our social media advertising for estate agencies is monitored so we can see which platform works best and invest in the right one for your business.

2. Builds Relationships

The beauty of social media is that it builds and sustains relationships. A vendor or buyer will move home every 7-10 years and it can be hard to keep in touch via traditional methods however social media maintains that connection. Engaging with customers, paying attention when they are promoted, go on holiday or welcome a new baby into their lives builds a personal connection making repeat business and recommendations more likely. Connecting with key influencers within the industry and sharing their content will promote your expertise within the sector and develop loyal relationships.

3. Drives Traffic to your website

An estate agent's website is their main marketing tool and all other online marketing should ultimately lead back to it, this is the way to dominate your local area and increase traffic. Social media advertising for estate agents is by far the best way to do this. Posting quality content linking back to your site will increase traffic which in turn will see a higher search engine result ranking, an increase in lead generation and more conversions.

Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are fantastic for posting images of properties which will push people to your site while Twitter for estate agents is great for posting up-to-date information and local industry news. Knowing how to maximise results needs an understanding of all platforms which is where we can help.

4. Improves SEO

Do you want to improve your search ranking and appear in the top results for your local area? Of course, you do, and social media advertising for estate agents can make a huge difference. A strong social media presence including local map listings and contact details will vastly improve local rankings. High-quality followers will also impact your ranking and by high quality,

I mean real people with whom you interact and engage regularly. The more your posts are shared the higher your Google ranking so it is important to make your content as shareable as possible, pictures are shared more than text and when properly optimised can really boost your SEO efforts.

Social media is a valuable marketing tool in its own right, but leveraging it to increase search engine optimisation gives it even greater value.

5. Users have opted-in

There are 3 main reasons why marketers prefer dealing with people who have opted-in.

• They have shown an interest in your service and will likely read the information you post.

​• They are more likely to share your information with others.

• The have a positive attitude towards your estate agency.

​This is a much better method than traditional outbound marketing and social media is the perfect channel to make it work. People love property you only need to look at some of the most popular programmes on TV. Location, location, location, Place in the sun, Escape to the country. This means they will happily look at pictures of beautiful homes, tips, guides and interesting news without feeling they are being pressured.

6. Extremely Targeted

If your estate agency does print adverts or leaflet drops, only a very small percentage of people who see those adverts will be interested in buying or selling their home (and neither of these advertising methods is cheap) The thing about social media is; You can target your audience by locality, age, employment, interests which enables you to connect with quality leads. You can use hashtags and set up alerts so you are informed when your sector is being discussed online and if you invest in the paid adverts it becomes even more targeted.

7. Customer Service

Excellent customer service starts with understanding your customer and social media offers the best way to do this. Imagine an enquiry coming from a phone-call. You have only the information the client gives you to work on whereas with social media you know their background, how many kids they have, whether they have pets, love gardening. It is feasible that you can garner enough information from social media to provide exactly the information they need.

Social media also gives you the opportunity to solve any problems before they become an issue and answer questions. This all builds an element of trust which is crucial for any successful estate agent.

8. Everyone is equal

The property sector is highly competitive and suffered more than most industries during the recession. A lot of small independent local estate agents with limited resources found it hard to compete with the larger national companies.

One of the best features of social media is that everyone is equal and competes on a level playing field. With a little ingenuity and expertise, your posts are just as likely to create interest as the bigger companies. Your pictures have the same chance of being shared. Your estate agency has the same opportunity to climb up those rankings. That is why every local estate agency should be implementing social media into their professional online marketing strategy.

9. It will find you customers

If your estate agency found one customer from social media it would be value for money because the costs are minimal. However, when managed correctly by someone who specialises in your niche social media advertising for estate agents will bring in more leads, attract visitors to your website, improve your search ranking and ultimately grow your business. The likelihood is, combining social media with your other online marketing channels will find you many more customers in your local area.

Social media advertising for estate agencies and property companies can no longer be ignored. Not having a strong social presence will have a negative impact on your company and mean you miss you on lots of local business.

Hometrade has worked with dozens of local estate agents, just like you, so we have the expertise to ensure your social media campaigns produce measurable results that are guaranteed to improve business.


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