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Many estate agents spend a large proportion of their marketing budget on property portals Here we look at why that money would be better invested in building a strong online presence and why a great website could produce much better results.

When someone sells, or buys a home it is one of the most important decisions they will make in their lifetime so probably for estate agents more than any other industry first impressions count.

Any successful estate agent needs a website that not only looks good but is functional and reflects their professionalism. The property sector is highly competitive so it's important you stand out for all the right reasons and that your estate agent's website gets results.

A successful Electrician's website should:

Load quickly

How many times have you left a website because it doesn't load quickly enough? Internet users are impatient they don't want to wait for the information they are looking for and an incredible 40% will abandon your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, meaning you will lose out to the competition. Do you know how to compress files and images so that your site loads faster?

Having your website load quickly will increase traffic, generate more leads, also improve search engine rankings. Speed is the key to success and we have designed and built websites for estate agents throughout the country that load insanely fast. (Simple)

Look Professional

If you want to be taken seriously in the property sector it is critical your site looks professional. That doesn't mean extravagant full of gimmicks it means clear, concise, show off your branding, have quality grammatically correct content, reliable statistics that can be verified, and of course, it must include beautiful optimised images.

This is not an industry where templates work well because of the updating required sometimes on an hourly basis, you need a fast responsive and efficient (CMS) content management system that allows you to keep control of your content.

Simple things make a big difference to an effective website for estate agents things like colours, fonts, menus, and navigation.

An estate agent's website designed by Hometrade will not only look fantastic it will have usability and because we are specialists in your niche we know how to make your website look professional and get results.

Be Device Friendly

It is imperative your website is mobile friendly. Did you know that around 5 billion people worldwide own a mobile phone? That is more than own a toothbrush. The increase in Wi-fi networks and use of smartphones means that more people than ever use handheld devices to browse the internet.

Therefore, your website for estate agents should look just as good and be equally usable on iPhone, Android or tablet with a simple click to call button. Having a responsive mobile friendly website enhances the user experience something Google takes into account for search engine rankings.

SEO (Search Engine Optimised)

Poor SEO is the main reason most websites for estate agents fail to get the desired results. If you don't appear high up on that first page of Google, you are guaranteed to be losing out on business to your competitors and don't be misled into thinking effective SEO is easy.

There are many reasons local estate agents struggle with SEO; You have fewer resources, you don't have brand recognition to secure quality links, you have less content and find it harder to keep up with the constant changes than the big players within the industry, but you can give yourself a leg-up by hiring a professional company that has seen dozens of estate agents, just like you, achieve that #1 ranking on Google for their local area and beat the larger agencies at their own game.

Link to other Websites

We know property portals play a big part in online marketing for estate agents but they are not the only sites you need to be linked to. Links to key local influencers within the sector and relevant local businesses help to boost your online presence and improve the performance of your estate agency's website. Sharing content promotes you as an authority in your industry and having quality links also impresses Google. The thing is we only link your estate agent's website to the best most relevant sites. Ones that make a real difference.

Make Contact Easy

The property market can be fast-paced so having various simple methods of contact is essential. Having your contact details across every online platform is best practice and the more the better. You only have to look at the prices directories charge to be found first to understand the importance of getting your contact details out there and once found they must be easy to implement, complicated forms are a big turn-off. The whole point of online marketing is to get people to contact you so keep it simple to get results.

Customer Testimonials

People are more likely to purchase something or hire somebody that has positive reviews on their website as it gives them confidence in your ability to deliver the promised service to their satisfaction. Having customer testimonials on your estate agent website produces the same results as good old-fashioned word of mouth. In fact, it is better. Someone might recommend you to a couple of their friends in the pub or at the local shop, but recommending you online has the potential to reach hundreds of people and will help to build trust, generate more leads and increase conversions (Simple)

Link to Social Media

Every successful website for estate agents should be linked to social media as the benefits are huge. It is the biggest marketing platform on the planet and can help improve SEO, build relationships, drive traffic to your website, generate leads the list goes on. All our estate agent's websites incorporate social media links to maximise their potential. Your customers are using social media so doesn't it make sense that you are too?

Be Secure

Whether or not, you have a payment facility on your website you are still at risk and vulnerable to security breaches. Now more than ever small local businesses are being targeted by cyber criminals looking to steal personal information and files from unprotected websites. Data protection and security is something taken very seriously by Google and there are significant penalties for breaches. That is why all our custom websites for estate agents comply with all the necessary rules and regulations, giving you and your clients peace of mind.

Have Landing Pages

Landing pages are the heart and soul of any estate agent's professional online marketing strategy and are indispensable if you are looking to generate more leads. They are a single page focused on one area of your business that provides specific information to the user. Creating landing pages enables your estate agency to target your audience, offer them something useful or of value in exchange for information and gives you the chance of converting more of your traffic into leads.

We specialise in creating landing pages for estate agents that do all this and more.

So there you have it! Having a great mobile friendly website gives your estate agency the opportunity to be ranked even higher than the property portals for your local area. It will generate quality leads and help you dominate the competition. We have designed and built hundreds of websites and we know what it takes to get results (Simple!)


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