HomeTradeMarketing.com is an online marketing agency set up to work exclusively with tradesmen and home improvement companies.

"Blah Blah Blah……. We Know That! But Who Are You?"

In a market with next to zero transparency we're bucking the trend! The SEO world is a world full of faceless people hiding behind corporate names, huge slogans and a lack of measurable results. Over 7 years ago when I first considered working with tradesmen on a large scale, I promised my agency would be different, better and more personal.

Hi, I am


Owner of Home Trade & Head of Search.

It would have been a lot easier for me to put a very business-like "about us" page here and portray a more professional appearance. In the early days I thought a picture like this would work against the business, but I was wrong. My instincts were right, clients seem to prefer to know who is working on their sites. (No suit required) Even more so that my background is so well aligned with their businesses.

How The Hell Did I End Up Here!

At 15, I left school and starting door canvassing for my father’s Home Improvement Company.

At 22, I eventually made it off the doors & into telesales! Big promotion, no more rainy days & a £50 a week pay rise. Happy Days!

At 25, I became Sales manager and started to take control of the advertising budgets.

It was at this point that I knew 100%, that in this industry, the calls and leads are the be all and end all of the whole business.

It was a daily realisation that, without enough leads every week there could easily be no more business. During the next five years I invested, tested and tried every form of marketing for a tradesmen style or home improvement business you could think of. You name it and I will personally give you the upside, downside and profitability of that home improvement advertising. From leaflets, to newspapers, road signage to sign wrapped vans. I've had shopping centre displays to Yell sponsored adverts. I’ve literally seen and done them all and I wrote about about it quite extensively here

It was around this time, through growing frustration with inconsistent marketing methods, that I started to look at the internet. I have always been inquisitive and downright nosy sometimes as to how things work. When it affects your own business, I feel you’re entitled to be.

I think I should mention this, for people that do not know the Internet Marketing Industry.

There are absolutely no official courses, degrees or Universities that you can attend to learn SEO. There are no certificates and no official qualifications. There are obviously degrees in Marketing but that means close to zero when its comes to SEO. The online market is the fastest moving, fastest changing market in history. There is no restrictions at all as to who can work on a website. The only thing a customer buying SEO services can trust, is track record and proof of continued, sustained results.

When I say proof, I don’t mean by somebody telling you. I mean asking to see the data. If you’re hiring an SEO agency you’re entitled to ask for proof that they can do what they say.

(most can’t or will be looking to outsource the work, we get asked weekly to take on “white label" SEO campaigns)

Ask your SEO consultant for proof of a top 3 ranking for a business similar to yours that they are working with now.

(Tip – Visit the website, the agency’s name will usually be at the bottom of the page and confirm that the website is their client) Once they have given you all the sales jargon about data protection they will, if they have it, show it to you. At this point ask them for another 10! Why not? You want to work with best SEO you can find right?


I spent the next five years studying. Learning, reading everything I could to find out how companies like Yell.com could rank on the first page of Google, collect leads & sell them on to me.

There must be 20 companies at it now, creaming leads that should be going to contractors and selling you membership packages just to get access to them along with your competitors!

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After failing, failing and failing some more, I eventually learned, honed and mastered my trade and became the SEO specialist, I am today.

Following the success of a few local clients. I acquired a few more, then more again and so the story continues today with HomeTradeMarketing.com

Now, I don’t want to and won’t plaster my client’s data all over the internet. It wouldn’t be professional. But if you contact me I will give you all the proof you can eat!

Below is something I can share here and now. This is a little side website project I started, I own it so I can share it. You will see I have watermarked it as this image would be used all over the internet if I allowed it.

It shows a website launched in March 2015 (so you can see I actually do this stuff for real)


Update Nov 2016 - This site now hits over 5,000 visitors a day! That's over 1 million per year folks! 

This is against competitors like MoneySuperMarket.com and other big boys. Not many SEO companies could do that, hence. why they would like the image! I shared my background and the nice image in the name of transparency and my open door policy. To allow an SEO agency to change your business for the better you need to be able to firstly, trust them, secondly let them get on with their task.

My team headed by myself, know this industry. I personally know your industry. It was my industry. I lived and continue to live in both worlds. I understand what more leads and customers mean to you and your business.

If you would like to discuss your Website Marketing with myself & my team, fill in the form below and I’ll speak to you on the other side.

John Devlin


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