Landscape Gardener Leads: 4 Proven Strategies We Use (To Dominate)

Like a plant needs water, a landscape gardener's business needs to generate leads. Without them work would quickly dry up. In the past landscape gardening companies relied on outbound marketing perhaps email campaigns, printed adverts, leaflets and of course word of mouth referrals. These days, things have changed. We live in a digital age, having a professional online presence and an effective inbound marketing strategy is the best and most cost- effective way to generate leads and boost your landscaping business.

We provide comprehensive online marketing solutions for landscapers and garden designers and we use 4 proven strategies that will enable you to dominate your local area.

A Great Website

A website for landscape gardeners must be well-designed with strong optimisation and as the industry is so visual, plenty of images. We have worked with dozens of landscaping companies, producing unique, effective websites that not only look good but achieve high rankings on Google and generate more leads. Because every landscaper is different templated websites just don't cut it and often don't convert well to mobile devices, something that is essential for any local landscaping company.

That's why hiring an experienced specialist is the better option. We only build custom sites for our clients that concentrate on your key strengths and because we only work with one landscape gardener in any area we focus all our efforts on your landscaping company, ensuring you get the lion's share of potential business.

Landing Pages

Creating landing pages gives your landscape gardening company the edge over the competition in a fiercely competitive market. Landing pages are simply pages that direct potential customers to a specific area of your website. They can be fantastic for local domination as the content can be extremely targeted to a specific area.

Any professional marketing company will tell you that an online advertising campaign is much more effective when it is targeted to one page that gives the user exactly what they are looking for. Because a large percentage of a landscape gardeners work is seasonal and searches for landscapers in..... drop during the winter months, landing pages can be a great way of promoting services like fencing, tree-pruning, decking.

Hometrade have created effective landing pages for landscape gardening businesses across the UK that have achieved measurable results.

Lead Magnets

Lead generation is not as easy as it once was. We are all warier of signing up for things unless they are of interest or even better they offer something for free. Landscape gardeners have the advantage over other trades here because most people are interested in gardening and even if not, still appreciate other beautiful gardens.

There are hundreds of lead magnets that can be used to encourage users to provide their personal information. Tips, instructional videos, guides, photo galleries are all excellent ways of getting more visitors to your site and generating more leads.

Call to Action buttons

The CTA button is arguably the most important feature of your landscaping website, conversions, work, none would be possible without it. A call to action button provokes the user to take an action that benefits you and should have 3 main features

Placement - Logical placement is essential for a successful CTA button and having multiple CTA buttons will increase conversions. They should stand-out and not compete with other images or text on the page.

Design - Your call to action button should be recognisable as such don't let it get lost in a sea of creativity. Keep it simple, rectangles work best and use a contrasting colour.

Content - Once again keep it simple, action verbs work well also it is important to give the user value so things like "Call now for your free quote" "Download your free guide" are perfect.

We are experts in creating CTA buttons for landscape gardeners that get results!


No matter how good your website for landscapers is, if it can't be found in the first few results for your local area, you will not see any significant difference to your business. Your time and money will have been wasted. SEO is essential to any successful online marketing for landscaping company. We know the best short and long-tail keywords for landscape gardeners, we can optimise your images and integrate various other methods to ensure you are ranked the #1 landscaping business in your surrounding area.

SEO is something to be taken seriously and needs regular monitoring to ensure it keeps up with the constantly changing digital world. Our experience working with landscapers and garden designers has achieved 100's of #1 rankings throughout the UK and will help give you the edge over the competition.

Local Branding

Branding is just as important to the local landscape gardener as it is to the big multi-national companies. Sure, they have huge marketing budgets and large teams to build their image but our specialist team uses strategies that have worked for landscape gardeners, just like you. We will develop your local branding without spending a fortune which will have an enormous impact on your landscaping business, with you receiving the lion's share of local leads and this is how;

Images and Photos

Landscape gardening is by virtue visual and we use this to your advantage by utilising images and photos throughout your online platforms. Letting the potential client see finished work along with customer reviews builds trust and shows off your professionalism. Photos are also much more sharable than plain text so work particularly well on social media especially when locally optimised. They increase your reach and get people remembering your brand. which will in turn generate more leads.


Being an active member of your local community is also a great way to build your brand. Sharing local charity events, sports matches, fetes etc and being involved with other relevant local businesses will help build relationships. For example, you could jump on board with schemes to use waste land to grow vegetables or brighten up your local train station. Having your logo prominently placed then sharing these things online will help to build your brand locally.

Engage & Reply

The more you engage with people online the more trust is built and the activity also helps with your ranking on search engines. Our professional online marketing for landscape gardeners offers multiple ways for your landscaping business to participate in community discussions, answer queries, reply to feedback and solve any problems. This shows excellent customer service and portrays you as an authority in your field. It also helps you be found high in the results for long-tail searches ensuring you get a large proportion of local enquires and work.


People buy people so the more descriptions you have on your website for landscape gardeners the better. You don't need to cram everything into the home page, be original perhaps do monthly features on a staff member with photos of them looking professional. Mention accreditations and membership of relevant associations, write about your history and the clients you have worked for. These are all subtle ways of giving the user the information they need and building your credibility which will generate more local leads.

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising is a fantastic complimentary strategy to these online marketing methods and works especially well for local landscaping companies.

Our experienced team know exactly how to make PPC for landscapers work with minimum costs and maximum results. Promoting different areas of your business at different times of the year, correctly optimised, will improve your local branding, resulting in your landscape gardening company receiving, the majority of quality local leads.

We have helped landscape gardeners across the UK achieve #1 rankings for their local area thus a bigger share of local leads. We work exclusively with one landscaping company per area so can focus all our efforts on getting the most for your business. Give us a call to find out how we can help your landscape gardening business dominate.


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