Professional Social Media Advertising For Landscape Gardeners

Social media is an integral part of any SEO for landscapers and as such, should be play an important role in any online marketing strategy for landscape gardening contractors. Read on to find out why social media advertising for landscapers works?

Social media is a form of inbound marketing and managed by someone who knows what they are doing, it can really see your landscaping company bloom. Whereas not taking advantage of the largest marketing platform on earth could see your business wilt and ultimately die.

Of all the trades, social media for landscape gardeners, really does work the best. Why? The answer is simple; Images. While a job well done by a plumber or electrician is effective it is not a pretty picture. However, a beautifully landscaped garden which has the "Wow" factor is infinitely more sharable and can create huge interest in your brand.

10 reasons Social Media marketing is an essential marketing tool for landscape gardeners

1. Its Free

Any landscape gardening company not having social media as part of their marketing strategy will be losing out to the competition. Fact! Best of all, your landscaping business can take advantage of all the biggest communication platform in the world has to offer for free. That's right it doesn't cost a penny and can have a huge impact on your Google ranking, SEO, local branding and lead generation, when managed correctly.

Hiring a professional who specialises in social media advertising for landscape gardeners is a cost-effective investment which will guarantee results.

2. Builds Relationships

Social Media for landscaping companies is a fantastic way to build relationships, not only can you promote business relationships with relevant local companies, for example, garden centres, property developers and garden building or furniture manufacturers which could lead to new potential business. You can also engage with prospective customers by responding to comments left on your posts and paying attention to what is happening in their lives. Over the course of a week Mrs Jones might post some pictures of roses, mention how much she loves them. She might even mention how her dogs have turned her garden into a mud-bath. What better time to post a photo of the beautiful rose garden you designed for Mrs Smith in the next street, complete with artificial lawn for the dogs and some 5 star reviews.

3. Drives Traffic to your website

Without traffic a landscape gardener's website is a failure it can be beautifully designed. It can have pages and pages of content but if it has no visitors it is not performing the job it was created for. Social media is an excellent method of driving traffic to your landscaping website. Posting valuable resources such as links to gardening tips, galleries of pictures, how to's, best plants for......, free seeds, are all engaging ways of convincing people to click on the link and increase your web traffic.

4. Improves SEO

Taking advantage of social media platforms can contribute to the success of your search engine optimisation if managed correctly. Your contact details will be out there on the world wide web, reviews and comments and queries can be integrated into your site which will improve your rankings for long-tail searches. This overall online presence will have a positive impact on your position on Google and help your landscaping business grow.

5. Users have opted-in

Here's the thing, it is widely accepted that inbound marketing is more cost-effective and much more efficient than outbound marketing. None of us like hard sales and professional social media for landscape gardeners gives you the perfect opportunity to abandon traditional advertising methods and go with the subtle approach. A lot of people are interested in gardening to it is easy to hold conversations and engage with potential clients without them feeling pressured. They have opted-in and fresh interesting, informative content will make you a valuable resource helping you become the #1 landscape gardener in your local area.

6. Extremely Targeted

Most of the social media platforms enable you to target your audience or followers by locality, interests, demographic or industry therefore it is easy to build links with relevant local businesses and place your landscaping business in front of the right people. There are numerous programs available such as Google alerts, that notify you of any industry news or events and what searches relevant to your business are being conducted online. Joining local community hours or groups can also target the right market and plant your landscaping company in a prominent position.

7. Customer Service

Social media is the new word of mouth and is a lot more effective than a conversation down the local pub. Having great reviews and feedback across all your social media channels will massively enhance your online reputation. Replying to queries, addressing any problems immediately will show off your landscaping company's customer service and impress Google making it more likely they will direct someone to your site.

8. Everyone is equal

Unfortunately, in the world of marketing it is often the big companies with the large marketing budgets that usually get the biggest share of the pie. SEO and professional social media advertising is one area where this doesn't apply. Landscape gardening is not a global enterprise, it is local. This means that with well-managed, interesting, optimised content which is image dominated you will be able to compete with any size company on a level playing field.

Hiring a professional social media team for landscape gardeners who are creative, experienced and specialists in your niche will give you the edge over your competition

9. It will find you customers

One thing is guaranteed having professional social media for your landscaping business will generate more leads, more traffic and find you customers you never knew were out there. Posting a photo of completed work or even better a customer sharing that photo among their social network can showcase you in the right place at the right time or engaging in community discussions can have the capacity to develop into future projects.

Now, we know as a landscape gardener you work hard and probably don't have the time or inclination to do all this yourself. The thing is, most if not all of your competitors will have some form of social media advertising in place and not taking advantage of this opportunity could have a negative impact on your business.

Hometrade specialise in professional social media advertising for landscapers and have achieved #1 rankings for landscape gardeners across the UK. Our expertise will not only produce measurable results it will enable you to dominate your local area. Give us a call and watch your landscape gardening business blossom and grow.


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