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Learn How the Best Landscape Gardener's Website Design Can Grow Your Business

A website is a landscape gardener's greatest asset when it comes to online marketing and an important investment, so it makes sense to make sure it is done right and hire a professional. Read on to see why every landscaper should have a website and how we can help.

The majority of searches for any trade take place on the internet and landscape gardening is no different. Not having an online presence can seriously damage your business and you can get left behind the competition who, undoubtedly, will be doing all they can to be found in local searches.

There are millions of websites online, yet very view actually do the job they are created for and the main reason for this is they can't be found. Do you know how to get your website to the top of that first page of Google? If not, it can be cost-effective to hire an expert.

We have created dozens of websites for landscapers and garden designers working together to produce unique, eye-catching sites that focus on your skills and USPs. We have achieved hundreds of #1 rankings on Google and helped landscape gardeners just like you get a bigger share of local business and here's how:

A successful landscape gardener's website should:

Load quickly

Does the loading speed of your landscaping website really make a difference? Oh boy, does it. We live in the age of skimming; internet users want the information they search for instantaneously or they will move onto something else. Almost half of your potential customers will leave your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load, resulting in a negative impact on your business. Google also take loading time into consideration when ranking your website so it is important to get it right.

Look Professional

Looking good is an important part of a landscaping business and your professionalism should be reflected on your landscaping company's website. It is your shopfront, users, on average, spend between 10-20 seconds on your site so first impressions really do count. Spelling mistakes, the wrong fonts and/or colours and sloppy formatting might seem insignificant but they can have a huge impact and portray your company in a bad light. We have worked with dozens of landscape gardeners producing professional looking sites that get the best results.

Be Device Friendly

Mobile devices are becoming the preferred method for internet searches and this trend is only going to rise. Therefore, it is vital your landscape gardener's website converts well to the small screen, especially as a large percentage of your site will be image based. Most DIY or templated websites don't have the ability to do this well which could result in potential customers leaving your site in frustration. All our landscaping business sites are mobile device compatible once again helping your ranking on Google and giving you the edge over the competition.

SEO (Search Engine Optimised)

Most people now know that search engine optimisation is essential to any successful website but it takes an expert to optimise a site in order to maximise the potential. Packing your home-page with keywords might seem to be the answer but there's a lot more to it. Potential clients may be directed to any page on your site so it is important each is page is fully optimised for long-tail searches.

Landscaping websites tend to be image based. Do you know how to optimise images? We do! Writing thorough compelling articles instead of short blog posts having your contact details throughout your landscaping website, having reviews and links to social media all contribute to outstanding SEO. We are experts in SEO for landscape gardeners and have produced garden designer's websites that are optimised to the max helping them achieve that all important #1 ranking

Link to other Websites

People love gardening and even though they might not require your landscaping services at that moment you can build a relationship as a valuable resource making it more likely they will return to your site. Linking to the best relevant websites in your niche will not only increase your credibility but will increase your reach, move you further up search engine rankings and establish you as an authority in your industry. This will generate more leads and subsequently more work.

We specialise in websites for landscape gardeners so know the best local sites that will help your business grow.

Make Contact Easy

Internet users tend to scan information quickly so having your contact details prominently displayed will increase the chances of them picking up the phone. Having a one click method of contact especially for mobile devices will help in this highly competitive market. Complicated forms asking for lots of personal information are a big turn-off for potential customers. Having your contact details on every page and all your other online marketing platforms will build your brand and make Google more likely to direct local users to your site.

Have Customer Testimonials

Word of mouth is just as important as it has ever been when it comes to new business. People are more likely to hire tradesmen who have been recommended. Therefore, it is essential to have customer testimonials and the more the better. A successful website for landscape gardening companies should include galleries of photo's, feedback and clien'ts logos to show off who you have worked with if applicable. This not only builds trust for prospective clients it also influences Google who try to provide their users with the best and most trustworthy company related to their search.

Link to Social Media

Social Media is the most powerful online marketing platform there is, so it makes sense to take advantage of all the opportunities it offers the local landscape gardener. Integrating your landscape company's website to social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ has huge benefits. It will increase your reach massively imagine posting a photo of a recently completed project, any shares it gets will not only be seen by your followers but potentially thousands more in the sharers network. You can engage with local businesses, discuss community issues, build relationships all which will have a positive impact on your online presence and your landscaping website.

Be Secure

If you offer products alongside your services for example, plants, tools, garden furniture you will need to ensure that any payment method on your landscaping business's website is secure. Online fraud is big business and the penalties for security breaches can be substantial. All our website payment systems are 100% secure and comply with all government rules and regulations.

Have Landing Pages

Creating landing pages is best left to the experts. A landing page is not a one size fits all endeavour and as they are so important their content should be taken seriously in any professional online marketing for landscapers. They direct potential customers to a particular area of your website and done correctly can make a huge difference to the success of your landscape gardeners website. They need constant monitoring to make sure they are producing the required results and need to be optimised correctly.

We have created 100's of landing pages for local landscaping companies and have the expertise and knowledge to ensure they work to gain more click throughs to your site and generate more leads.

That's a lot to take in, right? I'm sure most landscapers don't have the time and probably not the computer skills to build and code their landscaping company's website plus there's the updates, monitoring results and all that social media to keep on top of. Hiring a professional that has the experience, skills, creativity and knowledge of the industry is the cost-effective solution.

We have created outstanding websites for landscape gardeners throughout the UK. We only work with one landscaper per area so are able to focus all are efforts on achieving that #1 ranking, making you the dominant force in your local area, generating more leads that will take your landscaping business to the next level (Simple!)


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