Locksmith Leads: 4 Proven Strategies We Use (To Dominate)

Leads are key to any locksmith business, unlike a lot of other businesses a locksmith's customers tend to need them to fix something fast. Locked out of your house-need a locksmith. Had a break -in-need a locksmith. Can't get into your car-call a locksmith. The nature of the business means online marketing for locksmiths has to be approached differently. Hometrade have worked with dozens of locksmiths, just like you, using proven strategies that will gain you more leads, more business and ultimately dominate your local area. Let's take a look at how we can help your locksmith business and why it's important?

A Great Website

Having a great website is important for any business to generate leads but locksmiths need a website designed to focus on the user. Someone standing outside in the rain isn't interested in whether you have been established for 100 years and 4 generations they want you to be close and to arrive quickly. By all means include your locksmith company's history and knowledge of the industry but not on the main page. You need things like "Guaranteed to arrive within an hour" " You are able to break into 90% locks without damaging the door." Grabbing their attention and having a simple call to action button is vital.

Remember the majority of these emergency searches will be conducted on a mobile phone so it is important for your website to be fully optimised for mobile devices.

We are experienced in providing outstanding websites for locksmiths that result in more leads and an increase in business.

Landing Pages

A good quality landing page is an asset to any tradesman's website especially locksmiths. They have 2 main functions

• To encourage users to click onto your main website

• Lead generation.

Keep it clear and concise. Landing pages need to cater to specific searches Someone locked out of their car is not wanting to read about the work you do for landlords. Having a landing page that mentions everything you do will have a poor conversion rate. Whereas having a few focused, specific ones will produce better results. Try to keep text to a minimum and have a one click call to action button enabling the potential client to contact you immediately. Our comprehensive online marketing for locksmiths use all the tricks of the trade to give you the edge in this competitive market.

Lead Magnets

Of course not all a locksmith's business comes from emergency call-outs. There is contract work, commercial work, perhaps a client just wants increased security so it is important your website caters to these customers too. Lead magnets are an excellent way of gaining leads and can be tailored to any trade. Simply put they are a way of obtaining information in exchange for something. It could be tips, quizzes, instructional videos, newsletter anything relevant to your industry. For example, lead magnets for locksmiths could include:

• How secure is your home? Take our quiz to find out.

• 10 tips to protect your home while on holiday

Because we understand locksmiths and locksmith contractors we are able to offer various methods of lead generation throughout your website.

Call to Action buttons

Who knew a small button could make such a difference to your business? A successful website's main function is to convert visitors into paying customer yet surprisingly, this important part of your site is often neglected. If you get your call to action button correct conversions will increase. Fact! There are 3 main factors when utilising call to action buttons. They must stand out-this is usually achieved by using a contrasting colour. They must have compelling short text and they must be logically placed within your content.

Our professional online marketing specialists know how to create CTA buttons for locksmiths that produce results.


An effective website should generate leads and produce a healthy flow of business for a local locksmith and SEO is by far and away the most cost-effective way to achieve this. Hometrade provide outstanding organic Search Engine Optimisation for locksmiths which will elevate you to the top of the search results for your area. How do we do it? Because we specialise in your industry we understand your target market, and where your work comes from. We know what works because we have helped many locksmiths, throughout the UK attain that #1 position on Google.

Local Branding

Locality should be the priority for any online marketing services for locksmiths. Emergency call outs account for a large percentage of their work. Having a list of areas, you cover, or arriving within a certain specified time for a 10-mile radius will will help your geo-targeting and increase your local online presence. We also, only list your locksmith business on the best most relevant local websites. Linking with Security firms and Property companies who are often asked to recommend a locksmith can gain more business. That is only one of the many strategies we use to ensure you dominate your area.

Images and Photos

Someone who is locked out doesn't want to read through reams of information and a picture can tell the user what you do at a glance. having your images mobile device friendly increases conversion rates and having strong simple logo, pictures of any staff and/or a smart company vehicle shows your professionalism and helps with local branding.


Being involved with a local charity, sports team or community project is a great way to enhance your reputation. Join local social media groups and interact with people. These could be future customers. Engaging with your target market can be reflected positively online and is a great way to build your brand. If you sponsor a local youth sports team and post the odd game review or pictures on your blog for instance I guarantee if any of the team's parents (and some of the opposing teams too) need a locksmith you will be their first point of call.

Engage & Reply

Referral is still the best form of recommendation and having positive feedback and great reviews is a great way to build your local stature. Engaging with customers and replying promptly if they have a question or problem also enhances your local online reputation and avoids negative feedback


It is not only clear, organically optimised descriptions of your services that increase conversion rates. I mentioned earlier not having too much text on your main page but that's no reason you can't show off your history, experience and accreditations where users can find it if they wish. Staff bios and photos give your site a more personal feel and potential customers feel they know you.

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising works well for locksmiths. Our experienced team know the most cost-effective way to gain more business with locality, timing and focused ads that will see you at the top of Google for locksmiths in your area.

Studies have shown that the top listing in local search results can receive 30% more business than companies listed further down. Well managed AdWords campaigns for locksmiths could be the key that unlocks your business's potential.

Our comprehensive packages for locksmiths offer value for money and are an excellent method to acquire new leads. Our proven strategies have worked for dozens of locksmiths throughout the UK giving them #1 rankings and an increase in both leads and business.


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