Expert (PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising for Locksmiths

As a locksmith you might not have considered Pay Per Click advertising, mistakenly thinking AdWords only works for the big players within your industry. In fact, it can work for smaller locksmith companies too. Read on to find out how:

(PPC) Pay Per Click advertising or AdWords for locksmiths can be used effectively in the short term complimenting your organic SEO efforts, which, although the best way to achieve that all important #1 ranking, do take time to produce results. Why should your locksmith business consider PPC and what can it do to increase your business?

Here's the thing a professional online marketing company and a locksmith both deal with keys (keywords) granted both completely different, whereas yours unlock doors ours unlock opportunity. Our keywords and optimisation of Per Click advertising for locksmiths can increase your internet presence, drive traffic to your website, result in more business and make your locksmith company a force to be reckoned with in your local area.

So how does it work and how much does it cost?

Quite simply AdWords is an auction: locksmith companies big and small bid on certain keywords relevant to the industry for example "locksmith" might seem a good place to start, however I can guarantee that of all the search words relevant to you that will probably be the most expensive. also because it is so vague a) your ad will unlikely be seen and b) you might not be able to offer the service the customer wants therefore it will be a waste of money. The trick is to use long tail keywords. Not only do they usually work out much cheaper but you can match searches more precisely meaning a much greater ROI

Of course with Pay Per Click advertising you are paying to attract customers so you could be forgiven for presuming whoever pays the most wins the auction, surprisingly this isn't always the case. Google want to provide their users with the best online experience possible, so they look at other factors too, which when combined produce your "quality score" The higher your "quality score" the more likely your ad will be seen without paying a fortune.

So what is a "Quality Score" and how does Google determine who has the best one? Let's find out

Click Through Rate

The most important factor in determining your "quality score." This is the number of clicks your adverts have received divided by the number of times they have been shown. We have worked with dozens of local locksmiths helping them optimise their campaigns, producing a higher CTR which boosts your "quality score" Which in turn makes it much more likely your electrical firm will win the auction while keeping costs down.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are another important part of any successful PPC campaign for locksmiths and designed correctly, work brilliantly to gain more business, wrongly done, however, they can result in any AdWord campaign being an expensive failure. Our experienced team know exactly what Google are looking for in landing pages for locksmiths.


According to Google. landing pages have 3 statuses in regard to relevance, above average, average and below average. A difficult thing for a locksmith firm to establish is, what constitutes these ratings and it's really easy for them to end up with a below average page. Because we are skilled in working with locksmiths, just like you, we know how to make your page relevant and what negative keywords to use to ensure your costs are kept to the minimum.

Hometrade have produced 100's of successful Pay Per Click campaigns for locksmiths and we know how to design landing pages that conform to Google's standards ensuring they will be rated well above average.


Trust is an important factor for anyone searching for a locksmith or any tradesman for that matter and it's something Google take into account too. They want you to be clear and concise about the services you provide. Not making guarantees and promises you can't honour. Honesty about how your site interacts with the user's browser (Cookies) and how you will use any personal information like emails are ways of giving your landing pages the transparency Google likes.

Easy to Navigate

Speed is key in the digital world, we are an impatient lot and when a user searches for a product, service or information they want it instantly. Check out the top results for any search and you will find the websites load quickly. Potential clients leaving your site will negatively affect your bounce rate influencing your "Quality Score" The key is to give the information requested as quickly as possible either on PC or mobile devices and make it a one-click task to contact you.


A great way to boost your "Quality Score" locksmith's websites and landing pages tend to look similar. You need to stand out from the crowd here. show the customer you are an expert in your niche, mention industry news, special offers, what makes you different? All while keeping it relevant. Our expertise with PPC for locksmiths can give you the edge you are looking for and really makes a difference.


How long is a piece of string? We realise as a small locksmith company, you don't have a huge marketing budget. That is why we usually recommend PPC for locksmiths is used in the short-term. Saying that, although the big players spend £1000's on using AdWords to attract customers, if expertly optimised and combined with our range of online marketing strategies for local locksmiths, costs can be reduced drastically.

In short PPC for locksmiths can be cost-effective, produce a decent ROI and be the key to dominating your local area.

8 Reasons You Should Try Pay Per Click Advertising

1. You set your budget

2. It can produce really quick results (If you get it right)

3. Targets the consumer at the right time, right place

4. Can improve other online marketing by showing what keywords work

5. You only pay when someone clicks

6. Helps with Branding

7. Drives traffic to your website

8. Can provide a fantastic ROI

This is one advertising platform that really benefits from hiring a professional. A badly executed PPC campaign can be an expensive mistake and be damaging to your online presence and business.

Any Pay Per Click campaign takes skill and is best managed by experts, who have thorough understanding of both Adwords and the locksmith industry. We have helped dozens of local locksmith companies take control of their Pay Per Click advertising and have helped them to become the #1 ranked locksmith in their area. Why not give us a no obligation call to see which of our packages will help you do the same.


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