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Learn How the Best Locksmith Website Design Can Grow Your Business

A great website that creates results is essential to any local locksmith. Read on to find out why Hometrade have the best website packages available for locksmith companies and why locksmiths benefit from choosing us?

Few tradesmen are without a website nowadays but many locksmith's sites are done with standard templates and are not doing the job they were created for, which is being the most powerful sales tool your locksmith business has.

Along with great design, and high quality SEO rich content the most important factor of your website is it has to be found and languishing somewhere on page 8 just doesn't cut it. You need to appear at the top of page 1 in the search engine rankings for your local area to get the best from your locksmith's website.

That is why it is definitely worth hiring a professional. We have built hundreds of websites for tradesmen including dozens of locksmiths which gives us the edge over the competition. We know what it takes to create locksmith websites that get results (Simple)

A successful Locksmith website should:

Load quickly

Did you know that over 40% of users will abandon a website that doesn't load within 2 seconds? That's a tall order but an essential feature for a successful locksmith's website. Someone who is locked out wants instant results and to be honest most users want the information they search for immediately. The quicker your website loads the more visitors it will attract. Do you know how to make your locksmith's website load quicker? We do!

Look Professional

Keeping with the speed issue did you know the majority of website visits last less than a minute. That is a very short time to create an excellent first impression. Many locksmith websites are designed by companies which are a "Jack of all trades-master of none"

Because we are specialists in each area of site development and have designed dozens of locksmith's websites we have the knowledge and experience to make those first 60 seconds count. Sloppily designed websites with poor content reflect on your professionalism so it is important that your website looks professional to generate more leads and rank #1 in your local area.

Be Device Friendly

A large percentage of a locksmith's work is emergency call-outs, Break-ins, being locked out of either car or home. Therefore, it stands to reason that the key to success is having your website optimised for mobile devices. Searching on mobile phones is becoming ever more popular and you could be left behind the competition if your site is not mobile friendly. All our websites for locksmith companies are designed with mobile devices in mind, getting you an even bigger share of local business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimised)

Excellent SEO is how customers find rival companies so it is important that your website is expertly optimised to compete on a level playing field. Organic SEO is also the best way to rise through Google's rankings and achieve the coveted #1 slot in a fiercely competitive market. Cost-effective it is the foundation of any top-notch locksmith's website and done correctly can make a huge difference to your business. generating more leads, more calls and the lion's share of local work.

Link to other Websites

High quality links to the best local websites will find you more customers for example linking to local estate agents or security companies can be extremely lucrative for a locksmith as can links to local councils and police authorities. As well as putting your brand in front of potential new clients it portrays you as an authority in your niche. We don't link your locksmith company to generic home-improvement directories we focus on what will benefit your business and enable you to dominate your local area.

Make Contact Easy

Having a one click call to action button for all the services you offer whether on PC or mobile device is an absolute must for locksmiths especially for emergency call-outs. Complicated forms and answerphones are a big no-no. Being able to get in touch immediately and keeping it as simple as possible will increase enquiries and enhance your online reputation.

Have Customer Testimonials

Any successful locksmith's website will have reviews of jobs well done and the ability for customers to leave feedback. This gives you to respond to enquiries and also problems before they become a big issue and have a negative impact on your company. Even in today's digital age excellent customer service is still essential and tradesmen rely on recommendations for new business whether word of mouth or internet based.

Link to Social Media

Having links to social media will improve your SEO which will boost your ranking on Google and will also increase your reach. Our integrated SE0 and social media management for locksmiths will help you take advantage of the biggest advertising platform in the world to ensure it has the maximum benefit on your website and delivers measurable results.

Be Secure

Locksmiths often sell security systems, intercoms and other products that complement their services. Therefore, it is essential any online payment system is secure and fully protected against fraud. Our websites for locksmiths comply with all rules and regulations and offer peace of mind to your customers.

Have Landing Pages

Landing pages are quite simply the door to your website. Users don't want to scroll through numerous pages and reams of information to find what they want and they will leave your site, losing your locksmith firm business. Because the majority of locksmiths provide different services your landing pages should be designed to take the customer to the right area of your site. They should be simple with minimal text and expertly optimised. Good landing pages need creativity and experience; they require monitoring on a regular basis to see which ones are performing the best. Because we specialise in the best landing pages for locksmiths we have the knowledge to design landing pages that have significant results.

Building a website is not easy especially if your computer skills are average. Doing it yourself or hiring a generic website design company is a false economy. For your locksmith's website to compete with the big boys, achieve a top ranking in google and produce a healthy ROI it needs a level of expertise which we can provide.

So if your locksmith company needs a website or the one you have isn't performing as well as it should give us a call. We have helped dozens of locksmiths get results (Simple)


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