Electricians Leads – 4 Proven Strategies We Use (To Dominate)

Generating leads is an essential factor for any successful business and Plumbers are no different. Leads = work it's a simple fact. So how does a plumber or plumbing contractor bring in more leads. Unfortunately, you can spend a lot of money discovering what works. We specialise in providing online marketing solutions for plumbers so why not let us help your business grow? More leads, more traffic, more contracts; Our strategies provide measurable results. Here we take a look at what they are and why they work, helping dozens of plumbing businesses to dominate their local market.

A Great Website

Your plumber's website is the number one tool at your disposal for generating leads but the leads are only as good as the website that produces them. All-in-one templated websites are a false economy for a professional tradesman. Investing in the best website you can afford will provide a better ROI in the long-term. Our experience working with plumbers makes Hometrade the best choice when it comes to a website for plumbing contractors not only do we create well-designed websites tailored to your requirements, we also understand your target market and what is needed to produce a website that will be found at the top of Google's first page enabling you to dominate your local area.

Landing Pages

A top-notch landing page serves 3 main purposes

1. Increases traffic to your website

2. Improves SEO

3. Lead generation

Landing pages are single, focused pages that direct the prospective client to the information they need in one click. If someone wants a new boiler installed, they have neither the time or inclination to read about every service you offer. They have no interest in blocked drains, burst pipes or washing machine repairs and will leave your site in frustration if they can't find the relevant information quickly. Don't let potential business slip down the drain. Our landing pages for plumbers have worked for plumbing companies all over the country increasing conversion rates and producing quality leads.

Lead Magnets

Does your plumber's website include lead magnets? If not, you could be losing out to your competition. Gone are the days when people were happy to sign up to anything and everything. You only have to check your spam folder to see why? Offering an incentive is by far and away the best method to encourage a user to provide information. There are numerous ways to utilise lead magnets throughout your site to generate more leads and our expert team know how to maximise their use.

Sharing on social media increases their reach and boosts traffic. Instruction videos, guides, quizzes, something for free, money saving tips all combine to make your plumbing business a valuable resource and combined with our online branding can really make a difference to the amount of leads generated.

A plumber could use these as lead magnets

• Legionnaires disease and Home plumbing systems (everything you need to know)

• 10 celebrity bathrooms

• Free estimate/discount

• How much water is your household wasting?

Anything that holds a user's interest and makes them want to know more can be used. We know more about lead magnets for plumbers than your average online marketing company so why not give us a call and see how we can help?

Call to Action buttons

If you get your call to action buttons correct you will see a higher conversion rate and increase in leads. Fact! There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account when designing CTA buttons for your plumbing website, landing pages and online marketing efforts.

Colour-The best call to action buttons are a contrasting colour to the background shade. They stand alone and work best when surrounded by white space. Do you know the best colour for a high-converting CTA button? We do!

Shape - People love familiarity CTA buttons are not the place to let your creativity flow. Keep it simple rectangles work best so why fix something that isn't broken?

Text - Keep it simple, with compelling text, verbs works best. Get, try, see, watch all grab attention especially when followed by the F word (free)

Placement - Call to action buttons should not disappear into the background they are king of the page and as such should be placed in a position where they can't be missed. Logical placement is essential; information should flow toward the CTA button.

We have experience in producing high conversion call to action buttons for plumbers and plumbing contractors.


SEO is an absolute must have if you want any online marketing for plumbers to work. Without it you will be wasting your time and undoubtedly money. The most cost-effective way of generating more leads and subsequently more business SEO is a technique that increases your plumbing company's rankings on search engines results pages for your town or local area.

Being found at the top of the first page is the priority for any website and believe me your competitors will be pulling out all the stops to appear there. We have the advantage of working with hundreds of tradesmen including numerous plumbers giving us the edge. Our clients have achieved #1 rankings for their plumber's websites which has resulted in them being the dominant force in their locality.

Local Branding

Local business is the cornerstone of any plumber's business and should be the priority for any professional online marketing service for plumbing contractors. There are many strategies we employ to build a plumber's local branding after all people would much rather hire someone local who they know and trust. Locality is also important to Google so expertly managed local branding can have a huge and positive effect on your website and business.

Images and Photos

Using pictures and images on your plumber's website, social media etc creates a sense of professionalism and grabs the user's attention. A well designed logo should be used in all your online endeavours while photos of completed jobs, clean vehicles and uniformed staff present your plumbing company in a positive light.


Involving your plumbing business in local community projects and charities is a fantastic way to build your local reputation sponsoring a local sports team, fete or charity, sharing results events, posting photos and engaging with local businesses are all excellent ways of building your plumbing brand and becoming the #1 plumber in your area.

Engage & Reply

Although it can be time-consuming making sure you reply to any comments and engaging in community discussions gets your plumbing business noticed for all the right reasons. Always thank customers for positive reviews and address any problems they may have before they become an issue. We might be living in a digital world but excellent customer service is just as important as ever and plays an important part in generating more quality leads.


When users are looking for a plumber they don't necessarily need your business's history and reams of personal information on the first page they click on but these things have their place on your website and can have a positive impact on your credibility. Qualifications, membership of industry associations and family values all enhance your local reputation while bios about staff and client case studies add that personal touch which builds trust.

PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click advertising for plumbers might not be something that you have considered as an online marketing strategy for your company. Not for the faint-hearted or amateur when managed by experienced marketers who specialise in your niche PPC can work brilliantly to tap into the local market and compete with your rivals. We offer comprehensive Pay Per Click packages for plumbers that get results fast. Organic SEO can take time to produce results so AdWords can be an excellent short term method of generating leads.

We specialise in online marketing for plumbers and have helped dozens achieve that all-important top ranking which in turn is responsible for more leads, helping your plumbing business dominate the local competition.


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