Expert (PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising for Plumbers

When you consider the industries paying for (PPC) Pay Per Click advertising or AdWords plumbers are not who immediately springs to mind, however, there are a lot of plumbing companies taking advantage of this online marketing strategy.

Let's find out why?

"Isn't Pay Per Click advertising expensive?" I can hear you ask, while even more plumbers will be asking "Does it work?" Well the simple answer is-No it doesn't have to be and Yes it does work when managed by a professional online marketing team, that specialise in your industry. Here we take a look at why you should consider AdWords for plumbers and just what exactly it can do for your business?

So how does it work and how much does it cost?

Google make most of their money from advertising and considering they make billions, that's a lot of companies paying for ads to appear at the top of that all-important first page. Here's the good news though, the amount of money you spend doesn't guarantee that your advert will be shown to the potential customer. Google are looking to provide the best all-round search experience for their users, so, along with the cold hard cash side of things they also consider other factors.

AdWords is an auction: Plumbers and surprisingly lots of them, bid on certain keywords, it can be a single keyword, or several and that's where we come in. Because we have managed tons of Pay Per Click for plumbers campaigns we are experts in what works and the search terms that people use. Using long tail and negative keywords keeps the costs down and the ROI up. Timing is also key, more people have their heating on in winter so there are likely to more problems, there can also be issues with burst pipes. Campaigns focusing on these aspects will be more successful during winter months.

Of course with Pay Per Click advertising you are paying to attract customers so you want to ensure any PPC for plumbing contractors is cost-effective. To do that you have to look at what other factors Google take into consideration before deciding who wins the "auction." We have compiled a list of things they look for which, when combined, produce your "quality score" The higher this is, the more likely you will be chosen as the auction winner.

So what is a "quality score" and how do Google decide who has the best one? Let's find out

Click Through Rate

This metric is calculated by the amount of clicks your ad receives divided by the times it appears and applies to all the adverts you run so it essential you get it right to give you the best chance of achieving a high quality score. One mismanaged campaign can seriously damage your overall "quality score" and end up costing your plumbing company money.

Landing Pages

Excellent landing pages are an essential part of any successful PPC campaign for plumbers but there's a lot that can go wrong if you don't know what you are doing and with Pay Per Click that costs money which is why plumbers should invest in the expertise of a professional online marketing company for tradesmen.


The biggest reason AdWords for plumbers fails is relevance. You should have a different landing page for each of the services you offer. If someone searches for boiler repair they are not looking for information on bathroom plumbing or burst pipes. An all for one and one for all strategy will have a poor conversion rate and a negative impact on your overall "quality score" Each landing page should match your advert with clear concise information relating to the ad. We have designed the best plumber landing pages which have given our clients the edge in this fiercely competitive online minefield.


Transparency is the key here. Google like to know that you can deliver what you offer so it absolutely necessary to be clear and concise about your services. Let the potential client know how you will use their email address if you request it. Be clear on your hours of business and the areas you cover.

Easy to Navigate

If your landing page isn't quick to load the potential client isn't likely to wait. Speed is essential to any successful landing page. Once it does load hopefully within a couple of seconds make it is easy for the user to navigate this isn't the place for questionnaires and complicated form filling make it easy for them to get in touch whether they are searching on a PC or mobile device. A one click call to action button works well on plumber's landing pages. We design landing pages that are useable and effective.


The majority of plumbers use templates to build their websites or landing pages consequently most look the same. Original design and content without compromising on quality will ensure you stand out from the crowd. The internet is constantly changing and what works one campaign doesn't necessarily work the next. With measurable results on all our AdWord campaigns for plumbers you have the opportunity to see exactly what changes are needed to ensure your adverts stand out and get results


There are ways of reducing your plumbing company's spend on a PPC campaign. Because we have worked with dozens of plumbers we can help reduce your costs. Implementing negative keywords, using geo-targeting, turning off your adverts outside business hours and if you are bidding on mobile searches making sure your landing page is optimised for mobile devices are all ways of making AdWords for plumbers a cost-effective advertising platform. Our experience with tradesmen across the UK and smarter bid management will get you the best results with minimum costs.

8 Reasons you should Try Pay Per Click Advertising

1. You set your budget

2. It can produce really quick results (If you get it right)

3. Targets the consumer at the right time, right place

4. Can improve other online marketing by showing what keywords work

5. You only pay when someone clicks

6. Helps with Branding

7. Drives traffic to your website

8. Can provide a fantastic ROI

Plumbing can be a dirty business and so can online advertising. Many marketing companies are happy to take your money without producing the results you require. That is why most tradesman consider PPC to be an expensive venture.

Hometrade are experts in online marketing for plumbers and tradesmen, we understand you haven't got a massive marketing budget and you need to see measurable results to prove the AdWords is working.

Our Pay Per Click for plumbers will get you to the top of Google in double-quick time and help you to dominate your local area.


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