Professional Social Media Advertising For Plumbers

Social Media is the new word of mouth. We take a look why plumbers and plumbing contractors should be taking advantage of social media and the benefits social media advertising for plumbers can bring to your business.

Social media is not just a fun way to stay in contact with friends or keep track of current events. It dominates the internet, is the largest marketing platform there is and an essential component of any successful SEO for plumbers.

Do you want to dominate your local area? Do you want to grow your plumbing business? Do you want that all-important #1 search engine ranking? If the answer is yes, then you really need to jump onboard with social media.

Not quite sure how to make it work? Don't have the time? Worry not, Hometrade has helped dozens of plumbers manage their social media advertising with outstanding results.

10 reasons Social Media marketing for Plumbers is an essential marketing tool

1. Its Free

Social media allows you advertise, conduct market research, build your brand, drive traffic to your website, generate leads and customers for minimal to no cost at all. That is a huge benefit to local plumbers as the majority do not have a large marketing budget. Even a free basic social media presence can have a positive impact on your plumbing business while the low cost adverts that Facebook provide are extremely targeted and can also work well to tap into the local market.

2. Builds Relationships

Not only does social media allow you to connect with other local businesses it also helps build customer relationships. When you finish a job encourage customers to leave feedback on social media. If you have an email list send them an incentive to follow you. Writing interesting posts and encouraging followers to share will put you in front of their social networks increasing your reach. Engaging in local community groups will also enhance your local reputation and get people remembering your name.

3. Drives Traffic to your website

A successful website for plumbers needs visitors that's a simple fact and social media is the perfect way to drive traffic to your website. The first thing to understand is your target market, because we specialise in social media advertising for plumbers, we know how to get the best from this marketing platform and really make it work.The second thing to remember is "vanilla posts" aren't going to get you noticed. Relevant industry news, resources and fresh engaging SEO optimised content will! Managed by experts, social media for plumbing contractors will definitely increase your web traffic and produce measurable results.

4. Improves SEO

Being found in numerous places across the internet absolutely improves your SEO efforts. There are loads of social media platforms including Twitter, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn and the giant of them all Facebook to name a few. Having your logo, good reviews, contact details and engaging and linking to other businesses and potential customers on the majority of these platforms is the best way to improve your online presence and will definitely see you soar up those rankings for your local area.

5. Users have opted-in

Anyone who understands marketing knows that inbound marketing produces a lot better results than outbound marketing. There is a simple reason for this people do not like adverts that are of no interest to them. Therefore, anyone who connects with you on social media has an interest in your services maybe not now, maybe sometime in the future.

The thing is anything you post now becomes a conversation instead of a traditional advertising technique that's why we recommend to keep self- promotion to the minimum and post interesting useful content. We specialise in social media for plumbing companies, our team has the experience and creativity to get the best from your inbound marketing.

6. Extremely Targeted

While social media is a global platform it can also be extremely targeted which is great for a local plumber. You can connect with users in your locality, or by industry. You can use the hashtag on twitter to engage in local community hours or search for discussions about your niche.

LinkedIn offers groups on just about every industry where you can discover useful information and build relationships. Facebook adverts are extremely targeted you can narrow your audience by location, demographics, behaviours and interests to ensure your advert reaches the right people at the right time.

7. Customer Service

People do not search for tradesmen like any other industry they don't randomly select a plumber. Word of mouth still produces a large majority of leads. Nowadays though, it's not just a recommendation from Betty up the road. A solid online presence with a powerful customer following and good reviews will increase your chances in a competitive market. Answering questions, responding to problems or queries and promoting yourself as an authority in your field will portray your excellent customer service, professionalism and gain the trust of potential customers.

8. Everyone is equal

One of the best things about social media for plumbers is that you are equal to your rivals. So what, if the big brands and players have a huge marketing budget, a fancy advert or can work nationally. You have your USPs too, local knowledge, emergency call-out within the hour, there are dozens of factors that can differentiate you from the competition.

Social media advertising for plumbers involves thinking outside the box and being creative. Using a professional who specialises in online marketing for plumbers can give you as much exposure as the big boys. The more value you offer to the user the more Google will direct people to your pages and website, simple!

9. It will find you customers

Having an effective social media strategy will find you customers, guaranteed. It gives you the opportunity to find clients you never knew existed. Connecting with relevant local businesses for example interior designers, landlord associations could result in more work flowing your way. There are numerous alert programs that can send you notifications if your services are being discussed online or there is any industry news. Because of our experience working with plumbers, just like you, we know all the tricks of the trade. We have the experience to maximise your online potential using the best of social media advertising.

Most of your competition will have some sort of professional social media advertising for plumbers and being left behind will result in prospective business slipping down the drain. It can seem a little overwhelming, needs to be monitored to see what is working and it is time-consuming of that there is no doubt. It takes creativity, industry knowledge and experience to get the best from this form of advertising.

Hiring a professional can offer you measurable results resulting in your plumbing company becoming the #1 choice for your local area


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