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Plumbers have been around for thousands of years but the how people find them has changed dramatically. Internet searches dominate the way we find any tradesman these days and not having a website could result in potential business slipping down the drain.

Here we look at why plumbers should have a website? What are the important features of plumbing websites and why it makes sense to hire a professional to ensure your plumbing company's website produces the results you need to dominate your local area?

Being found is the number 1 criteria for any successful website. You can have the best website in the world but if it can't be found you are not going to see results. Hometrade specialise in websites for plumbers and we have achieved 100's of #1 rankings. Read on to see why we are the best?

A successful Plumbers website should:

Load quickly

How many times have you left a website because it took an age to load? You are not alone, nearly half of internet users expect a site to load in less than 2 seconds and over 3/4 of users will not return to a slow loading website. Why take the chance? A few seconds can have a drastic impact on your business. Our websites for plumbers not only look good but are designed to load fast resulting in an increase in traffic, leads and business.

Look Professional

A messy, badly designed website is a big turn-off for potential customers who are looking for a professional plumber. Clean and simple is best, with attention grabbing images and logos and images of clients which build trust. Because we work with dozens of Plumbing contractors we know what works, how to achieve measurable results and how to tap into this fiercely competitive marketplace.

Be Device Friendly

A large percentage of plumber's work is emergency call-outs. Therefore, it stands to reason a large percentage of searches will be conducted on handheld devices. Being mobile friendly is an essential component of a lucrative website for plumbers, however all websites are not equal and many do not convert to the small screen well. With our mobile device ready websites, you are guaranteed to see a flood of enquires.

SEO (Search Engine Optimised)

Without a wrench a plumber wouldn't be able to do his job and the same goes for SEO without it your plumbing company website will sink faster than a stone. Search engine optimisation is the tool that gets your website found. When managed by a professional online marketing company like us, who specialise in your niche, organic SEO for plumbers will gain higher Google rankings, an increase in visitors to your site and ultimately more business.

Link to other Websites

Being listed in tons of generic home improvement directories just doesn't cut it when you are trying to dominate your local area. You won't be the top listing unless you pay a substantial fee plus they share any leads with all your competition. Wouldn't it make better sense, if all those potential customers were coming directly to your site? Well we can make that happen. We work exclusively with one trade per area, linking them to only the best, most relevant sites that can maximise your online presence. Local businesses, manufacturers, commercial clients all combine to enhance your reputation and make you the go-to plumber in your local area.

Make Contact Easy

For the average plumber having a website that is clear concise and simple is the best way to go and this is especially true for contact. Users especially in an emergency do not want to fill out complicated contact forms or provide masses of information to have a query answered. A complicated contact system will pull the plug on lots of potential business. Our experience working with plumbers, just like you, means we can create simple call to action buttons that have a positive impact on your plumbing business.

Have Customer Testimonials

We might be living in the digital age, but word of mouth recommendations remain like gold-dust to a local plumber. People buy people, so showing you are an authority in your industry and having proof of jobs well-done will have a huge impact on your business. Trusted reviews and feedback give you the opportunity to show off your excellent customer service and see you rise in the search engine rankings

Link to Social Media

You might think social media is a platform used only by the big players within the industry but it can also be used very effectively for small family run and independent plumbers. It can connect your plumbing firm with customers you never knew existed and be instrumental in maximising your local influence. Building relationships with local businesses and engaging with the community is guaranteed to build your brand. Properly managed social media advertising for plumbers also significantly improves your SEO efforts. We provide integrated SEO and social media management for plumbers, taking the pressure off and leaving you to do what you do best.

Be Secure

Many local plumbers sell products that complement their business alongside their regular services for example boilers, water filtration systems, waste disposal units and while this offers an increase in revenue and ROI it is absolutely essential any payment methods you have implemented into your site are secure. Online fraud is big business, small tradesmen are just as vulnerable as other businesses and penalties for security breaches can be substantial. We take security seriously and all our payment systems comply with the PCI Data Security Standard ensuring no leaks.

Have Landing Pages

So you have your plumber's website and we have established potential clients want speed and simplicity. The thing is if your plumbing company offers various services how can you direct the user to what they are looking for? Simple-Landing pages. Focused on one objective a landing page leads the user directly to what they want. Great landing pages are an excellent addition to any successful website and can have a huge impact on your business. Shared on social media, email or PPC they increase traffic to your site, improve SEO and increase conversion rates. Such an important aspect of your plumbing company's online marketing strategy is best left to the professionals. Our experienced team know how to create top-notch landing pages for a plumber's website that produce outstanding results.

So there you have it; the reasons every local plumber should have a website. We realise most plumbers haven't got the computer skills, marketing knowledge and most importantly time to produce a stand-out website that produces a fantastic ROI which is where we come-in.

We have designed 100's of websites for tradesmen and far from being a jack-of all-trades, master of none, we have a creative team of experts that specialise in each area of your online marketing strategy.

We have achieved 1000's of #1 rankings for plumbers and our specialist websites for plumbing contractors produce results (Simple!)


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