Roofers and Roofing Contractor Leads: 4 Proven Strategies We Use (To Dominate)

All roofing companies need to generate roofing leads especially in this fiercely competitive niche. Let's find out how Hometrade uses these 4 proven strategies to generate more roofing leads and help you dominate the local area.

 4 proven strategies for roofing lead generation

A Great Website

A lot of tradesmen including roofers rely on third-party lead generation companies. These sites find someone who needs roofing work done in a particular area and put them in touch with a roofing company who can oblige, charging a commission for the privilege. Here at Hometrade, we think that you shouldn't have to pay for this or be drip fed the same leads as your competition. We have worked with dozens of roofers designing and building outstanding websites. Putting them at the top of the search engine results for their local area, generating more leads and giving them the lion's share of new business.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are an important part of any professional online marketing for roofers. How do you direct traffic to your website from social media? Landing pages. How do you direct traffic from ad campaigns? Landing pages. Even Google search is jumping on the bandwagon and rewarding focused landing pages with higher rankings. That is why it is important to get them right. Landing pages are not the same as web pages and need expertise to ensure they produce the required results.

Our experience creating landing pages for roofers means we know how to maximise the results and give you the edge over your rivals.

Lead Magnets

If you examine any successful website, you will probably notice lead magnets either as popups or included in the sidebars. These are where the company offers something of interest or value to the potential customer in exchange for personal information. Examples include a free local estimate, a quiz asking are you losing heat through your roof? The ten best green roofs. All, are providing the customer with something useful if they sign up as well as promoting your authority and credibility.

Our lead magnets for roofing companies will help to generate more leads. Guaranteed.

Call to Action buttons

You can have the best website or landing pages in the world but without CTA buttons it will all be for naught. Call to action buttons should provoke an immediate reaction from the user surely a simple thing? I can hear you ask. Unfortunately, not all CTA buttons are created equal, littering your site with red buttons proclaiming click here just doesn't cut it! The content needs to shine, they need proper placement and the design needs to stand out.

We know exactly what it takes to create powerful call to action buttons that will see your conversions go through the roof.


Websites for roofers are all well and good but if they can't be found (by found I don't mean the bottom of page 3) You are wasting time, money and opportunity. Over 90% of users do not go past the first page of results when searching online therefore it is essential your roofing website is at the top of local rankings.

We only work with one roofer per area, focusing all our efforts on achieving the #1 slot for you alone. Our professional SEO for roofing contractors is a value for money solution for roofers wanting to dominate their local area

Local Branding

Who you are and what you do is a vital part of a successful online marketing service for roofing companies. Potential clients need to feel reassured and confident in your ability to perform the job they require. The more your logo, contact details and name are found relating to their local area the more likely they are to notice you. It's not just customers that will notice you either, Google likes to see a comprehensive local online presence and will reward your roofer's website with a higher ranking.

We use a combination of methods including local map listings, social media and top notch links to ensure your local brand gets results.

Images and Photos

Images, videos and info-graphs can be used to great effect as part of your online marketing for roofers. Many users prefer pictures as opposed to reading through reams of content and websites that utilise visual elements have higher lead generation and conversions. They can be tricky to get right though. Do you know how to format, optimise or compress images? If not and you want to achieve measurable results it might be wire hiring a professional online marketing expert for roofers, like Hometrade.


For most roofing firms, local business is their bread and butter and as such needs a good reputation in the local community to secure new jobs. Along with local branding it is essential to be involved with local businesses, community projects, sports, charities sharing their content, pictures etc, will build a personal connection and get you noticed for all the right reasons which will result in more leads.

Engage & Reply

Word of mouth is the same whether it is online or not, communication has changed. Therefore, it is essential to engage with past and potential customers. Replying to questions and solving problems gives your roofing company credibility, while becoming involved in online discussions about your local community and industry increases your reach and is beneficial to both your ranking and brand image.


People are more likely to hire someone with whom they feel they have a personal connection so it is important to include descriptions. They tell a story about who you are and what you do. Posting pictures of staff with bios, letting people know how you got started, the clients you have worked with, accreditations and descriptions of your process will build a picture. This will help users connect and increase quality leads.

PPC Advertising

Pay per click advertising is often neglected by roofers who believe it is just for the larger, national companies. However, AdWords or PPC for roofing companies can work exceptionally well to increase leads and help dominate your local area. If managed correctly it produces quick results. You can be found at the top of Google overnight and it doesn't need cost a lot of money.

Keyword research and expert knowledge will produce campaigns that find you customers and grow your business. In short PPC for roofers is a valuable part of any professional online marketing solutions for roofers and can achieve a value for money ROI.

Because we have worked with roofing contractors across the UK, we understand the importance of lead generation for your business. Our online marketing strategies include these 4 proven techniques - A great website, landing pages, SEO, and pay per click. Combined these methods are guaranteed to increase the amount of quality roofing leads your company receives helping you to dominate.


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