Professional Social Media Advertising For Tradesmen

Social Media used properly, can be a great marketing tool for tradesmen and local contractors. Here we look at why, you should be taking advantage of the biggest advertising platform on the planet

We are all familiar with social media, those funny animal memes, pictures of drunken nights out, baby pics and rants about last night's TV, politics and sport. It has changed the way people communicate and there is no reason why tradesmen can't take advantage of it, just like any other business.

I guarantee your customers are using it so why not embrace it? Local tradesmen seem reluctant to jump on board with this form of marketing and yes it can be time-consuming but you don't need to do it yourself and managed correctly it can make a huge difference to your business.

10 reasons Social Media marketing is an essential marketing tool for tradesmen

1. Its Free

There are lots of channels you can take advantage of with Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIn, yes you can pay for adverts targeting specific people but only if you want to. This form of advertising is great for local tradesmen because it costs nothing except time. Yes, I know tradesmen are busy people but the good news is there are experts who can manage all the social media channels making this advertising platform one of the best there is.

2. Builds Relationships

Social Media is a great way of getting to know your customers you will get an insight into their lives what kind of things they are interested in, what posts they share, and what they are buying. Tom the tiler might notice that Debbie is looking at new bathroom suites or mention she's considering changing the colour of her kitchen which would be a great time to post a local recommendation or the new range of colours you have just had delivered.

Many platforms have local groups or in Twitter's case local hours where you can connect with other local businesses in Tom's case it might be kitchen-fitters, plumbers which could potentially lead to more work.

3. Drives Traffic to your website

You can use Social Media Marketing to drive traffic to your website a well-placed post about a special offer, interesting blog post, local event or interesting industry news can make a huge difference to your website visitors. Having someone who is familiar and knowledge about both areas will make a difference.

4. Improves SEO

We all know that "content is king" when it comes to a successful website SEO is essential for any tradesman or local contractor's website if you can direct visitors to the optimised pages of your site. you will move up those infernal rankings much quicker making it easier for customers to find you.

5. Users have opted-in

If people have followed you on social media they are interested in what you have to offer, maybe not right now, it could be some time in the future, but the thing is-they are interested. Therefore, they are much more likely to listen to what you have to say, share your posts etc, without considering it a traditional advertising tactic. More and more users are looking for products and services than ever before and are more likely to purchase from local businesses they know and trust.

6. Extremely Targeted

You don't need to pay for adverts on Social Media for it to be successful, however because of the way they work it can be extremely viable to do so. if you know what you are doing. Facebook, for example allow your ads to target individuals by locality, industry, the pages they've liked, even their purchase history, helping you to have your ad in front of the right people.

7. Customer Service

Word of mouth is still by far the best recommendation for any business large or small and especially so for tradesmen. Social Media allows you to respond to customers in real-time if they post a favourable review or if they have a problem you can sort it out asap which is essential for any tradesman or contractor's reputation.

8. Everyone is equal

Social Media is pretty much a level playing field, yes the big brands are all on there with their large budgets and fancy adverts but with a little ingenuity, creativity, some interesting relevant posts in the right place an expert can help the local tradesman be just as effective. Mixing-it-up, relevant content-rich posts, funny pictures, news, current trends can all be used to interact with others and enhance your online presence.

9. It will find you customers

By joining groups, on Facebook and LinkedIn for example, either by locality or niche you will be able to connect with potential customers you never knew existed. Think outside the box a little, Tom the Tiler for instance might join groups which have his local swimming pools, schools, pubs etc all of whom have a need for tiles and could be potential clients in the future. He could search on Twitter using apps like Hootsuite for people interested in his products and services. Offer exclusive offers for social media customers to drive them to your website.

Most of your competitors will have a Social Media marketing strategy of some kind so don't get left behind. Putting yourself in front of your customers makes it more likely they will buy from you in the future and here's the thing, you don't have to do all the work yourself.

Hiring a professional can really make this advertising platform work for you and after all you don't want to work all day, come home in an evening and spend 4 hours on Social Media.

You are the expert in your trade that doesn't mean you have the knowledge to make the most of social media advertising and just because your receptionist/niece/girlfriend is always posting selfies on Instagram doesn't mean she knows how to run a successful social media campaign either.

It takes knowledge, experience and creativity for this form of advertising to work right. Social media is a massive opportunity for a local tradesmen or contractor when done correctly and our Social Media packages for tradesmen are guaranteed to get results.


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