Tradesmen Leads: 4 Proven Strategies We Use (To Dominate)

Every local tradesman needs leads, without them business dries up which is why we use 4 proven strategies that get results. Find out how they can make you stand out from the competition increase your business.

Whether you are an electrician, landscaper, tiler or painter and decorator, leads are what drives your business forward. Without them you are one step away from the Job Centre. With our extensive packages we enable you to dominate the local market. Here we take a look at what we offer tradesmen to gain leads and why it's important. Below we show you how to get more job leads and work leads for your business.

A Great Website

A lot of you will be thinking that lead generation via your website is easy and all this involves is having a sign up button or contact form on your website. Wrong! People are wary these days of signing up to anything unless they are interested in what you have to say or alternatively are given an incentive. That's why with our website packages for tradesmen we offer great content and various methods of lead generation that have proven successful for our clients. We know what works.

Landing Pages

A successful landing page is an asset to any tradesman's website.

They are used for 2 purposes to encourage potential clients to click through to your website or lead generation. Keeping it short and simple is best. Rambling on about every area of your business and all the services which you offer is not what a landing page is for. Focus, narrow it down to one service and give the user all the information they need to pick up the phone. Encourage them to click that call to action by offering a promise (one you can keep) or limited time offer such as "All bathrooms guaranteed to be fitted in 5 days, 10% off all rewiring jobs booked this month, Sign-up to receive something free.

If your landing page is linked to an ad it is vital it is relevant; this is how Google rate your advert so it's important to get it right.

Lead Magnets

These can be an excellent way of obtaining leads and can be tailored to all trades. A lead magnet offers something for free in return for supplying contact information. What you offer is entirely up to you but instructional videos, tips, vouchers all work well.

A plumber for example could use these as lead magnets

Tips to stop burst pipes this winter

The best washing machines of 2016

How to bleed your radiators (instructional video)

Tips to stop burst pipes this winter

A Landscape gardener could do something like this:

10 plants suitable for a shady garden

How to grow vegetables

Free packet of seeds

Because we understand tradesmen and contractors we are able to offer numerous ways of lead generation throughout your site which will help increase your business.

Call to Action buttons

A visitor to your site does not have the time or inclination to jump through hoops in order to contact you. Call to action buttons must be prevalent throughout your website and be simple and easy to use. We know how important these little tricks work for tradesmen like you and how something so simple can make all the difference.


"Content is king." If I had a pound for every time I've heard that I would be rich, but the simple fact is it's true. Most websites fail because they can't be found which is why search engine optimisation is key to any successful website.

Our clients are contractors and tradesmen, we know how to bring quality traffic to your site and increase your rankings. By quality traffic I mean people in your specific area who are looking for the services you offer, making it much more likely to get that sale. Over time our proven strategies will ensure results.

Local Branding

Most people prefer to have jobs done around their home by local people. These tradesmen are often a family business and are part of the community so are known and trusted. Local tradesmen are often available quickly and most important of all the customer can ask around for recommendations from people they know. Branding gives your business identity and it isn't just for the "Big Boys" We are able to build your brand giving you long term value and these are the ways we can do it:

Images and Photos

We use as many as we can, this makes the site more personal and they do say "A picture paints a thousand words" Have a Logo and use it not only on your site but throughout the web. Pictures of staff in uniform present a professional looking workforce. Pictures of your vehicles, different jobs you have done all reinforce your local brand.


Being involved with a local charity, sports team or community project is a great way to enhance your reputation, this can be reflected online and is a great way to build your brand.

Engage & Reply

Good reviews are the best way to build your brand and having testimonials from satisfied customers is essential to any tradesman. Having a website where visitors can leave feedback, ask questions, solve problems is just as important as a call to action button when establishing your brand.


These are not just for the services you provide they can also build your brand. Company history, qualifications, accreditations, clients worked with all combine to give the company more credibility and making it personal really enhances your reputation and builds trust

PPC Advertising

It takes time to achieve results and SEO especially is an ongoing process.

Our clients, which include tradesmen just like you, have found that investing in some PPC advertising while you wait for your website to climb up those rankings can provide almost instant ROI.

Pay per click advertising when done correctly is a great way to establish yourself online while growing other avenues.

Our comprehensive packages for tradesmen offer value for money and are an excellent method to acquire new leads. From start to finish whatever your trade we can offer a web solution.


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