Expert (PPC) Pay Per Click Advertising for Tradesmen

What is PPC? How does it work? Does it work for Tradesmen?

The answer is Yes, Pay Per click advertising for Tradesmen does work.

Read on to find out how it can work for you:

Anyone familiar with marketing in today's digital age will be familiar with (PPC) or Pay Per Click advertising. Basically it is a form of advertising that buys visitors to your website instead of attracting them organically. Which, if you have a website you should already be doing with top-notch SEO, and regular updates of fresh engaging content relevant to your niche.

The competition to appear among those first few results Google or any other search engine brings up is fierce and not for the faint-hearted. Pay Per Click advertising gives you that opportunity but it isn't easy to build a successful PPC advertising campaign unless you know what you are doing.

We specialise in SEO for tradesmen but here we take a look at the benefits of Pay Per Click advertising for local contractors and tradesman and why you need an expert to make it work.

Pay Per Click is a bit like Bargain Hunt there are the bidders (You) and the Auction House, in this case we will concentrate on Google since their AdWords PPC platform is the largest on the planet in fact it's how the internet giant makes 97% of its income, that's a lot of companies paying for clicks.

So how does it work and how much does it cost?

When someone conducts a search on Google, if a number of companies are bidding on the words keyed in, that search produces an auction. Google then looks at 2 factors to determine who will be the winner of the auction and no it isn't always the one who pays the most money.

They also look at your quality score. "What's that" I hear you ask well put simply, it's a metric by which Google determine how relevant your ad is to the user. They do this by examining your CTR (Clickthrough Rate), relevance and quality of your landing pages. Let's examine each one

Click Through Rate

This is determined by the number of clicks the Ad receives divided by the number of times shown. This is the main component of your quality score so it is essential you get it right for Pay per click advertising to be successful. As we explain to our clients the more relevant your ad text is to your keyword-the more clicks you will achieve boosting up your quality score.

Another key factor gaining a high your quality score is your landing pages these are the things Google are looking for:


Google need users to be happy with the ad they have provided in relation to their search. Therefore, it is essential that a tradesmen's ad provides the user with all the information they need if they search for "Plumbers in Darlington" and your ad takes them through to a landing page about boilers for example it might not be what they are looking for so they will immediately leave the site. If, however your landing page takes them to a page listing your plumbing services with relevant content they are much more likely to call you up to fix that leak.


In order to build trust with the potential client and assure them you are a professional Google look for total transparency on your site. Tell the user what services you provide. Be up front about how your site interacts with their browser (Cookies) and if you will be collecting any personal information, for example- email addresses, how they will be used?

Easy to Navigate

Speed is the key here. Landing pages that take forever to load are a big No No! so cut back on the bells, whistles and the excessive pop-ups. Make it simple for the user to either purchase the product or service you provide or contact you. Always have someone ready to take that call.


Relevance is important but don't just copy what every other tradesman has on their site, it's tempting I know, Joe the plumber has a really nice landing page and he's doing well I'll just copy his. It won't work! You have to be original, you have to stand out, show the customer you are an expert in your niche, mention industry news, special offers, what makes you different?

Unfortunately, Google don't just look at one of your ads and work it all out from there. They look at your entire history so all your campaigns have to be consistent and top notch for pay per click advertising for tradesmen to work. By hiring a professional you are paying for a collaboration. Combining your expertise in your trade and their knowledge of PPC and producing a relationship that continues building targeted campaigns that are consistent and develop along with your business.

8 Reasons You Should Try Pay Per Click Advertising

1. You set your budget

2. It can produce really quick results (If you get it right)

3. Targets the consumer at the right time, right place

4. Can improve other online marketing by showing what keywords work

5. You only pay when someone clicks

6. Helps with Branding

7. Drives traffic to your website

8. Can provide a fantastic ROI

All this sounds rather daunting for the average tradesmen whom are busy working, not searching for relevant keywords and worrying about quality scores, but don't despair you don't need to do it yourself. This is one form of marketing that really benefits from hiring a professional.

Great PPC campaigns take skill and are not easy to do yourself, you need an expert with thorough understanding of how it all works, knowledge of the rules, creativity and technical know-how. It will cost less to hire a professional than do a campaign that fails on your own. Our clients are local tradesman and contractors like you and we have the expert knowledge that ensure you a value for money Pay per Click advertising that really works.


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