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A great website that creates results is essential to any local tradesman or contractor. Read on to find out why we have the best website packages available for you and why they are important

A website is one of the most important investments any tradesman can make. There are ways of doing it yourself but this takes time and a knowledge of how to make it successful.

Few users will search for a particular company online; they search for information about a subject "Electricians in Brighton" or "My washing machine is leaking?" If you don't provide the information they're looking for it is unlikely you will ever be found.

There are over 50 million websites online with less than half a million being successful. To prevent yours from following the others into that great black hole that is the digital graveyard in the sky, it is definitely worth hiring a professional.

A successful Tradesmen website should:

Load quickly

The internet in its nature is fast people that are looking for the information they want NOW! Nothing turns them off quicker than a slow loading site, and by slow we mean anything over a couple of seconds so it's best to keep it simple.

Having a fast loading site will not only generate more customers but shows professionalism. Do you know how to make your website load quicker?

We do!

Look Professional

Home-made websites can sometimes be sloppy, wrongly formatted and hard to navigate. This can be a real turn-off for customers. Especially for tradesmen this aspect of your web presence is essential.

How can you be expected to do a good job of landscaping a garden or plastering a wall when your website shows cut corners, a slapdash approach and numerous mistakes. We specialise in tradesmen and contractor websites, so we know how to make sure your first impression is a good one.

Be Device Friendly

Mobile Devices are nowadays the preferred method of shopping online so it is vital for your business that your website is mobile friendly or you could be losing customers. A 2012 survey by Google found

• 74% of consumers were likely to return to a mobile friendly site

• 61% were likely to leave if the site wasn't mobile compatible

• 67% were more likely to buy from a mobile friendly site

All our tradesmen and local contractor sites are mobile device friendly giving you an even bigger share of the market.

SEO (Search Engine Optimised)

Without keywords your website is guaranteed to be a failure. That is a fact! SEO is how people find your competitors. search engine optimisation drives traffic to your website and moves you up the rankings. This component of your site really is best left to the professionals. With your expert knowledge of your trade and their extensive know-how of SEO strategy you can make your website be up-there with the best of them.

Link to other Websites

People look to find a local tradesmen or contractor who is accredited and knowledgeable about their niche. Linking to other relevant websites within your industry, not only increases traffic, drives you up the rankings but also makes you a valuable resource. Inbound links work just as well. Do you have the capacity to do this on your own? If not our expertise in tradesmen websites can help.

Make Contact Easy

The more steps a potential customer has to go through to contact you the less likely they will be to do so. having a simple easy way for them to get in touch or a one touch call to contact button on your mobile website will bring in more customers. Often homemade websites have a contact page but not the capabilities to handle real-time responses which can make all the difference.

Have Customer Testimonials

People are more likely to hire a tradesman or contractor if they can see evidence of other jobs well done. Having customer reviews, testimonials, pictures of recent jobs and inviting customer feedback can massively increase your business. updating a homemade site can be time-consuming so why not take the pressure off and leave it to the professionals.

Link to Social Media

Having links to social media will give you increased reach your website might only have a few visitors a month but with social media the opportunities are limitless. We offer expert social media management campaigns that can be integrated into your website quickly and easily giving you the edge over the competition.

Be Secure

If you offer payment via your website it is vital to be secure. Online payments are susceptible to fraud and must meet the requirements of the (PCI DSS) Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. Our website packages make sure your site is safe for customers and complies with all rules and regulations.

Have Landing Pages

Landing pages are a point of entry to your site they can be used for lead generation and can really make a difference to your business. Creating an effective landing page is not the same as creating a web page and it isn't a one size fits all process there are guidelines you need to follow in order to maximise the success, which is why it isn't available on most "Create your own website" company's templates. It requires monitoring and seeing what works for you personally. The fact our clients are Tradesmen like you means we have the experience required to give you the edge.

Building a website, yourself is a false economy most local contractors don't have the time or the expertise to do the job well. A professional developer can create a website that not only produces a fantastic ROI, but also portrays you as the professional you are. Things are constantly changing in the digital world and it is important that you change with them.

Customers expect the best from the tradesmen they hire Why should you be any different? we have built websites for Plumbers, to Electricians, Landscapers to Plasterers, they expect and get the best from us. Tradesmen websites that get results (Simple!)


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