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Co-founder of HomeTradeMarketing.com

Business Development Manager

I’m also a lifelong friend of John and have been part of the journey that led to his development of the SEO skills he has today.

We started this business because we knew we could have a lot of fun and build a great business by reselling our skills and services to other tradesman. 2016 has been a great year for us and our clients. With John’s passion for marketing and lead generation and my focus on communicating the delivery of our services we now have customers from all over the country.

In 2016 we have honed our skills in both delivering the product and the customer service that goes along with managing a client’s SEO campaign. 2017 is all about our growth and expansion throughout the UK, after all the internet has no boundaries, and the only limitation is the one we have placed on our business in that we will only work with tradesman and home improvement related industries.

To read more about why we only work with tradespeople click here.

We're Expanding

In 2017 we are expanding our business taking on more professional writers and coders to support the services we deliver. Our mission is to work with one company from all of the markets sectors we cover in all of the major towns and cities in the UK. For obvious competition reasons we will only work with ONE for each town.

Check now to see if your market is available in your location.

Our goal is clear we want to talk to aspirational tradespeople throughout the country who want to take the next step for their business. If you are still on the tools and looking to set up on your own this probably is not for you.

  • If you already have a few vans on the road and dedicated staff for roles such as pricing, we need to talk.
  • If you are the type of company owner that looks at the sales figures and asks where do my customers come from and how can I get more, we need to talk.
  • If your business could fit more jobs and increase profitability with more work, pick up the phone today!
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Potential customers are out there right now typing into search engines your trade and your town, we can make sure they see your website. We can make sure you get that call enquiring about prices and delivery times. No doubt you are going to open a new window now and search yourself for your trade eg “Plumber Liverpool” Take a look at the company at the top of the page.

google search result
  • Are they better at the job than you?
  • Are they cheaper than you?
  • Should they be getting the opportunity before you?

You should recognise the company and you have probably wondered why they are bigger than you? Why they get more work?

We can change that, we can put you ahead of them and give you the opportunity to win that business which may otherwise have never called…

So back to the page title, where are we going?

Our team has grown to fill the demand from forward thinking directors for our services. We have invested in building a team of professionals to develop content and manage the search visibility of our customers. 2017 is all about realising the growth we have planned for, it is about converting the potential customers like you into long term clients.

If you want 2017 to be the year your company grows and have potential customers visiting your own website contemplating a purchase then you need get in touch.

Think about it for a second, we have reached you. You are our potential customer and we are competing against other SEO company’s nationally for your click and your attention.

If we can beat the people in our industry at what we do imagine if you hired us to compete with the tradesman who is number one in your town.

Give us a call today and take the first step towards dominating your location. After that lets look at the towns around you.


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